362 Exploring Physiological Mechanisms to Enhance Crop Yield and Quality

Poster Session
C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism This poster session examines who research on crop physiology and metabolism can enhance yield per se or lead to improvements in end-product quality.


C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism
Wednesday, October 24, 2012: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Jeffrey W. White
Poster #500
Early Planting Didn't Increase Rice Productivity in Cool Climates Under Global Warming.
Kakeru Horai, Iwate University; Tomoaki Mae, Iwate University; Ayako Ishii, Iwate University; Eiki Kuroda, Iwate University; Hiroyuki Shimono, Iwate University
Poster #501
Effects of High Night Temperature and Abscisic Acid On Rice Leaf Photosynthetic Rate, Photochemistry, Respiration and Physiology.
Abdul R. Mohammed, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center; Lee Tarpley, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Poster #502
Effects of Light Level and Integral On Whole-Plant and Leaf Level Characteristics of Two Differently Adapted Quinoa Cultivars.
Mira Bendevis, Copenhagen University; Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Copenhagen University; Fulai Liu, Copenhagen University; Eva Rosenqvist, Copenhagen University
Poster #503
Short-Term Sucrose Feeding Fails to Increase Yield of Maize.
Yunfeng Peng, Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia
Poster #504
Biomass Accretion and Yield of Erect Leafed and Conventional Sorghum At Low and High Population Densities.
Dennis Gitz, USDA-ARS; Zhanguo Xin, USDA-ARS; Jeffrey Baker, USDA-ARS
Poster #505
Dynamics of Dry Matter and Mineral Allocation to Pod Walls Versus Seeds in Common Bean.
Michael Grusak, USDA-ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center; Jenna M. Emerick, St. Edward's University
Poster #506
Physiological Traits Under Water Stress in Bread Wheat Genotypes.
Oscar Valentinuz, INTA Parana; Héctor Milisich, INTA Parana; Santiago Cabada, INTA Parana; Lucrecia Gieco, INTA Parana; Alberto Prina, Instituto de Genética. INTA; Alicia Martínez, Instituto de Genética. INTA
Poster #507
Ear demand in Argentinean maize hybrids as affected by plant density and year of release.
Javier Di Matteo, CONICET; FCA (UNMdP); Mariana Robles, National University of Mar del Plata; Anibal A. Cerrudo, INTA Balcarce; Roberto Rizzalli, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, UNMdP; Laura Echarte, CONICET; FCA (UNMdP); Fernando H. Andrade, CONICET-EEA INTA Balcarce
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #508
    Corn (Zea mays L.) Plant Growth and Yield Response to Lipo-Chitooligosaccharide (LCO).
    Roger Bowman, Novozymes BioAg, Inc.; Robert Pesek, Novozymes BioAg, Inc.; Carl Joplin, Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.
    Poster #509
    Poster #510
    Heat Stress Alone Is Not Sufficient to Increase Free Fatty Acid Content in Spring Canola.
    Laxhman Ramsahoi, University of Guelph; Li Guo, University of Guelph; Hugh Earl, University of Guelph