95 Div. C01 Graduate Student Poster Competition

Poster Session
C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics This session will provide an opportunity for Gradaute Students to compete for the poster competition award.


C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Monday, October 22, 2012: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Gina Brown-Guedira
Poster #410
Evaluation of Fusarium Head Blight Resistance QTL On Agronomic and Quality Traits of Soft Red Winter Wheat Populations.
Daniela Sarti, University of Kentucky; Anthony Clark, University of Kentucky; Ana Balut, University of Kentucky; Gina Brown-Guedira, USDA-ARS; Yanhong Dong, university of minnesota; David Van Sanford, University of Kentucky
Poster Presentation
  • DS_ASA12_Poster2.pdf (1.5 MB)
  • Poster #411
    Early Vegetative Growth Simulation in a Common Bean R I L Population.
    Raphael W. Colbert, North Dakota State University; Juan Osorno, North Dakota State University
    Poster Presentation
  • Raphael-ASAposter2012 (final).pdf (1.6 MB)
  • Poster #412
    Impact of the Maternal Environment On Root Traits in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).
    Claire M. Lorts, The Pennsylvania State University; Kathleen Brown, The Pennsylvania State University
    Poster #413
    Characterization of Soybean Grain Yield and Drought Tolerance Through Precision Phenotyping Techniques.
    Brent S. Christenson, Kansas State University; William Schapaugh, Kansas State University; Kevin Price, Kansas State University; Nan An, Kansas State University; Jianming Yu, Kansas State University
    Poster #414
    Evaluating Teosinte Introgressions in a B73 Background for Gray Leaf Spot and Southern Leaf Blight Resistance.
    Jill Recker, NCSU; Matthew Krakowsky, USDA-ARS; Peter Balint-Kurti, USDA-ARS; Sherry Flint-Garcia, USDA-ARS
    Poster Presentation
  • ASAposter2012newest.pdf (1.0 MB)
  • Poster #415
    Genetic Variation for Nitrogen Utilization in Historical and Improved Maize Germplasm.
    Jessica Bubert, University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Stephen Moose, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
    Poster #416
    Induced Deletion Mutagenesis Results in Soybean Seed Composition Variation.
    Landon Ries, University of Minnesota; Seth Naeve, University of Minnesota; Robert Stupar, University of Minnesota; James Orf, University of Minnesota
    Poster #417
    Genetic Control of Root Hair Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa).
    Phanchita Vejchasarn, Pennsylvania State University; Jonathan Lynch, Penn State; Kathleen Brown, The Pennsylvania State University
    Poster Presentation
  • Poster for CSSA meeting (Final).pdf (1.3 MB)
  • Poster #418
    Association Mapping for Drought Tolerance Traits in Spring Wheat Grown Under Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions.
    Erena Edae, Colorado State University; Patrick Byrne, Colorado State University; Marc Moragues, Colorado State University; Scott Reid, Colorado State University; Scott Haley, Colorado State University; Matthew Reynolds, CIMMYT; Marta Da Silva, CIMMYT
    Poster #419
    Breeding Winter Wheat for Increased Weed Suppressive Ability Against Italian Ryegrass (Lolium perenne).
    Margaret Worthington, North Carolina State University; Samuel Christopher Reberg-Horton, North Carolina State University; J. Paul Murphy, North Carolina State University
    Poster Presentation
  • ASA_Final.pdf (2.0 MB)
  • Poster #420
    Genotypic and Phenotypic Evaluation of Soybean Lines From Glycine Max by Glycine Soja Backcrosses.
    Abraham Akpertey, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; George Graef, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Rouf Mian, USDA-ARS/The Ohio State Univ.; James Shannon, University of Missouri; Randall L. Nelson, USDA-ARS
    Poster #421
    Improvement of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Fiber Spinning Quality Through Selection and Inheritance of Fiber Elongation.
    Juliana Osorio-Marin, Texas A&M University; Jane K. Dever, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    Poster Presentation
  • Poster 2012.pdf (414.5 kB)
  • Poster #422
    Field Phenotyping of Traits Associated with Drought Tolerance in Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L).
    Valerio Hoyos-Villegas, Michigan State University; James Kelly, Michigan State University
    Poster #423
    Characterization of Barley Natural Variation At HvFT1 Locus Affecting Flowering Time.
    Rebecca Nitcher, University of California-Davis; Assaf Distelfeld, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel; Jorge Dubcovsky, University of California-Davis
    Poster Presentation
  • 2012CSSA_HvFT Poster Rebecca-Final.pdf (111.9 kB)
  • Poster #425
    Enhancing Yield Potential of Hard Red Winter Wheat Via Use of Synthetic Backcrosses.
    Bharath Reddy, Texas A&M University; Amir Ibrahim, Texas A&M University; Jackie Rudd, Texas AgriLife Research; Shuyu Liu, Texas A&M University
    Poster Presentation
  • ASA conference 2012 Bharath final.pdf (609.8 kB)
  • Poster #426
    The Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Sucrose and Stachyose Content in Soybean Seed.
    Ailan Zeng, University of Arkansas; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas
    Poster #427
    Phenotypic and Genetic Dissection of Maize Internode Length.
    German Muttoni, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jillian Foerster, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Nicholas Haase, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Rajandeep Sekhon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; James Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Timothy Beissinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Scott Stelpflug, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Shawn Kaeppler, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Natalia de Leon, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Poster Presentation
  • Muttoni_Internode_Length_Poster_2012.pdf (1.1 MB)
  • Poster #428
    Cytoplasmic Effect of Wheat for High Temperature Tolerance.
    Shyamal S. Talukder, Kansas State University; Adedayo Adeyanju, Kansas State University; Jesse Poland, Kansas State University; P.V. Vara Prasad, Kansas State University; Allan Fritz, Kansas State University
    Poster Presentation
  • Alloplasmic poster.pdf (632.6 kB)
  • Poster #429
    Response of Sorghum Genotypes to Charcoal Rot and Fusarium Infection Under Three Nitrogen Fertilization Regimes.
    Adedayo Adeyanju, Kansas State University; George Mahama, kansas state university; Christopher R. Little, Kansas State University; Tesfaye Tesso, kansas state university
    Poster Presentation
  • Adeyanju ASA poster.pdf (692.1 kB)
  • Poster #430
    Comparison of Quantitative Trait Loci in Two Soybean Germplasm Conferring Partial Resistance to P. Sojae Using Two Different P. Sojae Isolates.
    Sungwoo Lee, The Ohio State Univeristy; Rouf Mian, USDA-ARS/The Ohio State Univ.; Leah McHale, The Ohio State University; Clay Sneller, The Ohio State University; Anne Dorrance, The Ohio State University
    Poster #431
    The Potential of Iranian Landraces in Wheat Breeding Programs.
    Alison L. Thompson, Washington State University; Kimberly Garland-Campbell, Washington State University; Timothy Paulitz, Washington State University; Richard Smiley, Oregon State University; Axel Elling, Washington State University
    Poster #432
    Introgression of the Ultra-Low Gossypol Cottonseed Trait Into Elite Cotton Germplasm.
    Rosa N. Jauregui, Texas A&M University; Steve Hague, Texas A&M University; Keerti Rathore, Texas A&M University
    Poster #433
    Multi-Environment Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis for Resistance to Stripe Rust and Cephalosporium Stripe in Two Recombinant Inbred Line Populations.
    Maria Dolores Vazquez, Oregon State University; Robert Zemetra, Oregon State University; Adam Heesacker, Oregon State University; Xianming Chen, USDA-ARS and Washington State University; Chris Mundt, Oregon State University
    Poster #434
    A Retrospective Analysis of Selection in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Replicated Recurrent Selection Program.
    Collin Lamkey, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Aaron Lorenz, Cornell University
    Poster Presentation
  • CML.ASA.Poster.10.15.2012_v5.pdf (783.2 kB)
  • Poster #500
    SNP Markers in Three Candidate Genes Associated with Lignin Concentration in Switchgrass.
    Shiyu Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Shawn Kaeppler, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Kenneth P. Vogel, USDA-ARS; Michael Casler, USDA-ARS
    Poster #501
    Poster #502
    Characterization of Three Novel High Stearic Acid Soybean Lines.
    Paul Ruddle II, North Carolina State University; Rebecca Whetten, North Carolina State University; Andrea Cardinal, North Carolina State University; Robert Upchurch, USDA-ARS; Lilian Miranda, USDA-ARS
    Poster #503
    Novel Resistance to Hessian Fly In the Wheat Line, PI 134942.
    Herbert Ohm, Purdue University; Melissa McDonald, Purdue University
    Poster #504
    Milling and Baking Qualities of Pastry Wheat Harvested At 18+% Grain Moisture.
    Herbert Ohm, Purdue University; Kirsten Thomas, Purdue University
    Poster #505
    Identifying Unique Combinations of Starch and Protein Genes Optimizing Functional Wheat Flour Tortilla Quality.
    Rodrigo Dos Santos, South Dakota State University; William Berzonsky, South Dakota State University