37 Environmental Soil Physics and Hydrology Student Competition: Lightning Orals with Posters: I

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Physics and Hydrology
This session is the oral and poster competition for Environmental Soil Physics and Hydrology Students. The session consists of a 5-minute oral presentation of the students’ poster and the accompanying poster presentation during the poster session. Environmental Soil Physics and Hydrology Students are encouraged to submit their contributions to this session.
Monday, November 16, 2015: 7:55 AM-10:05 AM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 103 BC

Markus Flury , Aaron L.M. Daigh , Ziru Liu and Matthew Patterson
Aaron L.M. Daigh , Ziru Liu and Matthew Patterson
7:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:00 AM
Salinity Induced Alterations on Chile-Peppers at Various Growth Stages.
Gurjinder S. Baath, Oklahoma State University; Manoj K. Shukla, New Mexico State University
8:05 AM
Soil Water Characteristic Curves of Long-Term Cropping Systems in South Central Wisconsin.
Elizabeth O. McNamee, University of Wisconsin-Madison; William L. Bland, University of Wisconsin-Madison
8:10 AM
Effective Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Multilayer Soil Profiles.
Mohammad R Gohardoust, University of Arizona; Morteza Sadeghi, Utah State University; Mirkhalegh Ziatabar Ahmadi, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
8:15 AM
Characterization of Soil Hydraulic Properties Heterogeneity in Sandy Soil By Tomodensitometric Analysis and Particle Size Distribution.
Yann Periard, Université Laval; Silvio José Gumiere, Laval University; Alain Rousseau, Institut national de la recherche scientifique : Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement; Jonathan A Lafond, Laval University; Jean Caron, Laval University
8:20 AM
Estimating Soil Hydraulic Properties Using Pedotransfer Functions in Texas: The Role of Soil Organic Carbon.
Julieta Collazo, Texas A&M University; Cristine L. S. Morgan, Texas A&M University; Haly L. Neely, Texas A&M University; Yohannes Tadesse Yimam, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Andrea Szilagyi Kishne, Texas A&M University
8:25 AM
Microgravity Effects on Water Movement in Capillary Tubings.
Yuichi Maruo, Meiji University; Naoto Sato, Meiji University; Risa Nagura, Meiji University; Ryo Kamide, Meiji University; Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University
8:30 AM
Dynamic Non-Equilibrium Water Flow in Sphagnum Moss and Peat.
Tobias KD Weber, University of Waterloo; Efstathios Diamantopoulos, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Geoecology, Department Soil Science and Soil Physics; Wolfgang Durner, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Geoecology, Department Soil Science and Soil Physics; Jonathan S Price, University of Waterloo
8:35 AM
Prediction of Particle Size Distribution with Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.
Cecilie Hermansen, Aarhus University; Maria Knadel, Aarhus University; Per Moldrup, Aalborg University; Mogens H. Greve, Aarhus University; Dan K. Marning, Aarhus University; Lis W. de Jonge, Aarhus University
8:45 AM
Dynamics of Wavelet-Decomposed Soil Water Content Signals in Relation to Soil Pore Characteristics.
Mingming Qin, Rutgers University; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers University; Miguel Cooper, University of São Paulo - Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture
8:50 AM
Temperature Effect on Aggregate Stability of Volcanic Ash Soils.
Rando Sekiguchi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Yuji Kohgo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; Hirotaka Saito, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
8:55 AM
Carbon Distribution within Intact Soil Macro-Aggregates.
Michelle Quigley, Michigan State University; Alexandra Kravchenko, Michigan State University; Wakene Chewaka, Institute for Advanced Sustainabilty Studies; Andrey K. Guber, Michigan State University; Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
9:00 AM
9:10 AM
Untangling the Influences of Shallow Groundwater and Soil Texture on Corn Yield Variability.
Samuel C. Zipper, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mehmet Evren Soylu, Meliksah University; Eric Booth, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Steven Loheide, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:15 AM
An Infiltration Index for Stormwater Runoff.
Amanda M. Liesch, Girl Scouts of South Carolina - Mountains to Midlands; Joshua L Heitman, North Carolina State University; Aziz Amoozegar, North Carolina State University; David L. Lindbo, USDA-NRCS; Rob Austin, North Carolina State University
9:20 AM
Leaching and Bioavailability of Stormwater Contaminants in Compost-Amended Bioretention Systems.
Maninder Kaur Chahal, Washington State University; Markus Flury, Washington State University
9:25 AM
Modeling the Effect of Failing on-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems on Watershed Nitrate Yield with SWAT.
Nahal Hoghooghi, University of Georgia-Athens; David E. Radcliffe, University of Georgia-Athens
9:35 AM
Soil Quality, Moisture, and Temperature Evaluation Under Different Biodegradable Mulches.
Henry Sintim, Washington State University; Sreejata Bandopadhyay, University of Tennessee; Shuresh Ghimire, Washington State University; Markus Flury, Washington State University; Andy Bary, Washington State University; Sean M. Schaeffer, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Jennifer M. DeBruyn, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Carol Miles, Washington State University; Debra Inglis, Washington State University
9:40 AM
Hidden Half Network Model: A Prototype for Simulating Soil Pore Space, Root Architecture, and Water Movement.
Yuan Wu, Pennsylvania State University; Henry Lin, Pennsylvania State University
9:45 AM
Soil Salinity and Sodicity Impacts on Soil Hydrologic Properties.
Hans Klopp, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Aaron L.M. Daigh, North Dakota State University
9:50 AM
Drivers of Spatiotemporal Variability in Evapotranspiration and Recharge from Irrigated Agroecosystems in the Wisconsin Central Sands.
Mallika Nocco, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Christopher Kucharik, University of Wisconsin-Madison; George Kraft, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Steven Loheide, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:55 AM
Consequences of Textural Analysis Methods on Time Lag Estimates.
Sara E. Vero, Teagasc; Owen Fenton, TEAGASC; Paul N.C. Murphy, University College Dublin; Sophie C. Sherriff, Teagasc; Daire O'Huallachain, Teagasc
10:00 AM
SWAT Model Calibration, Validation and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis Using SWAT-CUP.
Sushant Mehan, South Dakota State University; Ram Neupane, South Dakota State University; Sandeep Kumar, South Dakota State University
10:05 AM