259 Symposium-- the Value of Condensed Tannins in Forages

Oral Session
C06 Forage and Grazinglands
Condensed tannins are secondary metabolites found most commonly in legume forages and forbs. Tannins bind and precipitate proteins, making tannin-containing forages non-bloating feed for ruminants. Tannins from different plant species differ in their composition, chemical activity and concentration, and therefore in their effect on ruminant livestock. This symposium will explore positive as well as negative effects of condensed tannins on ruminant nutrition, effects on internal parasites of large and small ruminants, and on the environmental impacts of agricultural systems, such as ammonia and methane emissions and manure mineralization. The quantification and characterization of condensed tannins from forages will also be discussed.

Sponsored by:
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Forage Genetics International
Organic Valley

Approved for 3.0 CM CEUs.


C06 Forage and Grazinglands

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 1:00 PM-4:15 PM
Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis Ballroom B

Jennifer W. MacAdam
Jennifer W. MacAdam
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:05 PM
Activity, Purification and Analysis of Condensed Tannins.
Wayne E. Zeller, USDA-ARS; Irene Mueller-Harvey, University of Reading; John H. Grabber, USDA-ARS
1:35 PM
Bioactive Tannins in Forage Legumes: Myths, Ignorance and Aspirations.
Irene Mueller-Harvey, University of Reading; Aina Ramsay, University of Reading; Christos Fryganas, University of Reading; Honorata Ropiak, University of Reading; Chris Drake, University of Reading; Marina Mora Ortiz, NIAB; Lydia M.J. Smith, NIAB; Leif Skot, University of Aberystwyth; Carsten Malisch, Agroscope; Andreas Luescher, Agroscope; Katharina Kempf, Agroscope; Roland Kolliker, Agroscope Institute for Sustainability Sciences; Olivier Desrues, University of Copenhagen; Andrew R. Williams, University of Copenhagen; Stig M. Thamsborg, University of Copenhagen; Blasius N. Azuhnwi, INRA; Jessica N. Quijada, INRA; Hervé Hoste, INRA; Marion Girard, Agroscope; Anja Grosse Brinkhaus, Agroscope; Frigga Dohme-Meier, Agroscope; Giuseppe Bee, Agroscope; Njuyen T Huyen, Wageningen University; Wilbert F. Pellikaan, Wageningen University; Giuseppe Copani, INRA; Vincent Niderkorn, INRA; Marica Engstrom, University of Turku; Juha-Pekka Salminen, University of Turku; Ian Wilkinson, Cotswold Seeds Ltd; Paul Totterdell, Cotswold Seeds Ltd; Garry Waghorn, DairyNZ
2:05 PM
Effects of Warm-Season Legume Tannins on Internal Parasites of Livestock.
Thomas H. Terrill, Fort Valley State University; Juan Felipe de Jesús Torres-Acosta, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán; Harley D. Naumann, University of Missouri; James P. Muir, Texas A&M AgriLife Research-Stephenville; Hervé Hoste, INRA; Irene Mueller-Harvey, University of Reading
2:35 PM
Coffee break
3:55 PM
4:15 PM