Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

412 Climatology and Modeling General Poster

Poster Session
ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling
This is a general poster session for the Climatology and Modeling Section.
Wednesday, October 25, 2017: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Tampa Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall

Bruno Basso
Poster #1248
Climate-Risk Assessment for Crop Production: A Case-Study for Winter Wheat in the U.S. Southern Great Plains.
Guilherme Passerini Bavia, Kansas State University; Romulo Pisa Lollato, Kansas State University
Poster #1249
Decision-Support Maps for Corn Planting Date and Crop Maturity in Mississippi.
Patrick J. English, Mississippi State University; Sherri L. DeFauw, Ascend Geospatial LLC
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  • Poster #1250
    Application of a New Method for Crop Yield Forecasting in Tanzania.
    Lin Liu, Michigan State University; Bruno Basso, Michigan State University
    Poster #1251
    Variation and Uncertainty in the Potential Yield of Korean Soybean Under Multi-Model Ensemble Climate Change Scenarios.
    Uran Chung, APEC Climate Center; Yean-Uk Kim, Seoul National University; Beom-Seok Seo, Seoul National University; Myung-Chul Seo, National Institute of Crop Science
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  • Poster #1252
    Management Adaptation and Practice Changes Using Current Available Technology Mitigate CO2 Emissions from Agricultural Soil in US Corn Belt Under Climate Change.
    Yao Zhang, Colorado State University; Keith Paustian, Colorado State University; Ernest S. Marx, Colorado State University; Stephen Williams, Colorado State University; Ram Gurung, Colorado State University; Stephen Ogle, Colorado State University; Radley Horton, Columbia University; Dan Bader, Columbia University
    Poster #1253
    Evaluation of the Maizsim Model Under Irrigated and Dryland Conditions.
    Marite Navarro-Bejarano, Instituto Nacional de Innovacion Agraria; Dennis Timlin, USDA-ARS; David H. Fleisher, USDA-ARS; Soo-Hyung Kim, University of Washington; Vangimalla R. Reddy, USDA-ARS; Chris Pachta, Crop Production Services; Dwain M. Rule, Dow AgroSciences; Johanna Dille, Kansas State University
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  • Poster #1254
    Agricultural Practices Using Agrometeorological Information As an Adaptative Countermeasure to Climate Change -an Example of Volunteer Potatoes Management in Northern Japan.
    Tomotsugu Yazaki, Meiji University; Tomoyoshi Hirota, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization; Yukiyoshi Iwata, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization; Satoshi Inoue, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
    Poster #1255
    Modeling Water Potential of Rye Cover Crop Residue on the Soil Surface.
    Miguel L. Cabrera, University of Georgia-Athens; Julia W. Gaskin, University of Georgia-Athens; David E. Kissel, University of Georgia; Kate Cassity-Duffey, University of Georgia; Carson Dann, University of Georgia; John Rema, University of Georgia
    Poster #1300
    Constructing Gridded Daily Oklahoma Mesonet DATA for AGRO-Hydrological Applications.
    Vijaya Gopal Kakani, Oklahoma State University; Kundan Dhakal, Oklahoma State University
    Poster #1301
    Weather Variability Impacting the Productivity of RICE, Wheat and Sugarcane in North WEST India.
    Sangharsh Kumar Tripathi, Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee
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