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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

73 Poster and 5 Minute Rapid--Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
This is a general poster and 5 minute rapid oral session for the Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Division. and just a 5 min. rapid
Monday, October 23, 2017: 11:15 AM-12:00 PM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Room 10

James Camberato
Dan M. Sullivan
11:15 AM
Introductory Remarks
11:20 AM
Phosphate Uptake of Corn As Influenced By Applications of Phosphate-Enhancing Polymers.
Tonny Hoang, Cosumnes River College; Diana Godlevskaya, Meredith College; Sarah Doydora, North Carolina State University; Dean Hesterberg, North Carolina State University; Aziz Amoozegar, North Carolina State University; Carl Crozier, North Carolina State University
11:25 AM
Nutrient Availability in Surface- and Sub-Soils Along the Precipitation Gradient of Eastern WA.
Tai McClellan Maaz, Washington State University; Isaac J Madsen, Washington State University; Ryan W. Higginbotham, Washington State University Extension; William L Pan, Washington State University
11:30 AM
Estimating in-Situ N Mineralization Rate with a Buried Bag Method.
Dan M. Sullivan, Oregon State University; Amber D. Moore, Oregon State University
11:35 AM
Developing a Tool for Growers to Predict Sulfur Availability in Their Soils.
Sakthi Kumaran Subburayalu, Central State University; Steven W. Culman, Ohio State University; Warren A Dick, Ohio State University
11:40 AM
Performance of Polyhalite As a Multi Nutrient Fertilizer for Potato in Brazil.
Simone Da Costa Mello, University of Sao Paulo; Kiran Pavuluri, Sirius Minerals; Rachel Tonhati, University of São Paulo/ESALQ; Francis J. Pierce, Washington State University; Durval Dourado Dourado Neto, University of São Paulo/ESALQ
11:45 AM
Soil-Based, Field-Specific Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations in Corn.
Chester Eugene Greub, University of Arkansas; Trenton L. Roberts, University of Arkansas; Nathan A. Slaton, University of Arkansas; Richard J. Norman, University of Arkansas; Jason Kelley, University of Arkansas; Kelsey L. Hoegenauer, University of Arkansas
11:50 AM
Replacement Nutrient Quantities Strongly Influenced By Fertiliser Management.
Malcolm McCaskill, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; Amanda Pearce, SARDI; Aaron Vague, Southern Farming Systems; Brendan Christy, Department of Economic Development; Robert M. Norton, International Plant Nutrition Institute, Oceania; Debra Partington, Department of Economic Development; Penny Riffkin, Department of Economic Development
11:55 AM
Question and Answer
12:00 PM