Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

346 The Role of Soils in Mitigating Environmental Contaminant Exposure Oral (includes student competition)

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Chemistry
As populations expand and industrialization increases, the risk of human exposure to harmful chemicals rises. Soil serves as a natural filtration system for contamination, protecting humans from exposure to pollutants by degrading, immobilizing, or controlling their mobility and availability. The soil properties and geochemical processes that occur in the subsurface are essential in controlling the fate of contaminants and risk of human exposure. This session will explore recent research on the biogeochemical factors that mediate human exposure to contaminants, both natural and anthropogenic, including organic or inorganic compounds, engineered or natural nanomaterials, waste products, or other classes of contaminants.

Approved for SW 3.5 CEUs


SSSA Division: Soils and Environmental Quality

Wednesday, October 25, 2017: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Tampa Convention Center, Room 38

Elizabeth Gillispie and James Harrington
8:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM
Goethite Mediated Electron Transfer between Cr(VI) and AH2DS Under Anoxic Conditions.
Elizabeth Tomaszewski, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Matthew A. Ginder-Vogel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
8:50 AM
9:05 AM
9:25 AM
Predicting Chromate Adsorption on Iron Oxides: A Surface Complexation Modeling Study.
Nefeli Maria Bompoti, University of Connecticut; Maria Chrysochoou, University of Connecticut; Mike Machesky, Prairie Research Institute
9:40 AM
Sediment Manganese Oxide Content As an Indicator of Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Potential.
Matthew Polizzotto, North Carolina State University; Elizabeth Gillispie, NC State University; Matthew Catesby Jones, North Carolina State University; Erika Andujar, North Carolina State University; Lily Schacht, Washington University - St. Louis; Markus Koeneke, North Carolina State University; Rebekah Middleton, North Carolina State University; Nuon Phen, Resource Development International; Audrey Matteson, North Carolina State University; Owen Duckworth, North Carolina State University
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Effects of Extreme Events on Arsenic Cycling in Salt Marshes.
Kristy Northrup, University of Delaware; Frances Bothfeld, University of Delaware; Angelia L. Seyfferth, University of Delaware
10:35 AM
Mn Oxide Transformation and Alteration in Contaminant Oxidation Rate in the Presence of Fe(II).
Samantha C Ying, Univeristy of California - Riverside; Rebecca Mock, University of California-Riverside; Loryssa Lake, University of California-Riverside; Amy Salvador, University of California - Riverside; Michael V. Schaefer, University of California-Riverside
10:50 AM
Synthesis of Nanoparticles of Magnetic Iron Oxides Associated with Biochar and Bonechar and Its Effects on Lead Sorption.
Camila Javorski Ueno, State University of Maringá; Antonio C. S. Costa, State University of Maringa; Ivan Granemann Souza Junior, State University of Maringa; Dimas A.M. Zaia, State University of Londrina; Carlos Roberto Appoloni, State University of Londrina
11:05 AM
Modeling the Reactivity of Arsenate in Relation to Microscale Composition of a Soil Matrix.
Aakriti Sharma, North Carolina State University; Dean Hesterberg, North Carolina State University; Amanda Muyskens, North Carolina State University; Matthew L. Polizotto, North Carolina State University; Joe Guinness, North Carolina State University; Yu-chen Karen Chen- Wiegart, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Juergen Thieme, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Garth Williams, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Montserrat Fuentes, NC State University; Ryan Tappero, National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory
11:25 AM
Gastrointestinal Bioaccessibility of PAHs and PAH Derivatives Natively Present in Soot Particles Using an in Vitro Model: Effects of Soot Mixing with Soil.
Joseph J. Pignatello, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station; Yanyan Zhang, Peking University; Shu Tao, Peking University
11:40 AM
Calcite As a Host for a Variety of Contaminant Oxyanions.
Nikolla P. Qafoku, Pacific Northwest National Lab.; Amanda Lawter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Erin McElroy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
12:00 PM