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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

158 Soil Biology and Biochemistry General Poster

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Soil Biology and Biochemistry
This is a general poster session for the Soil Biology and Biochemistry Division.
Monday, October 23, 2017: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Tampa Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall

Jennifer Moore-Kucera
Poster #1110
Nematode Community Succession in Vertebrate Carcass Decomposition Soil Hot Spots.
Lois Taylor, University of Tennessee; Gary Phillips, University of Tennessee; Sarah W. Keenan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Ernest C. Bernard, University of Tennessee; Jennifer M. DeBruyn, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Poster #1111
Does Inorganic N Fertilizer Affect Soil Organic Matter Mineralization?.
Navreet Kaur Mahal, Iowa State University; Fernando Miguez, Iowa State University; William R. Osterholz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Hanna Poffenbarger, Iowa State University; John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University; Michael J. Castellano, Iowa State University
Poster #1112
The Effect of Prescribed Fires in Biotic and Abiotic Factors on South Region of Puerto Rico.
Rebecca Tirado-Corbala, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez; Mario Flores Mangual, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez; Jose Vigo-Agosto, University of Puerto Rico; Wilfredo Robles-Vazquez, Agricultural Experiment Station
Poster #1113
Winter Cover Crops Influence Bacterial Community Structure.
Shuang Liu, North Carolina State University; Shalamar D. Armstrong, Purdue University; Terrence G. Gardner, North Carolina State University
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  • Poster #1114
    Effects of Land Management Changes on Soil Microbial Communities in Eastern Montana.
    Billi Jean Petermann, Dickinson State University; Joshua J. Steffan, Dickinson State University; Eric C. Brevik, Dickinson State University
    Poster #1115
    Plant-Derived Biostimulant Supports Biocontrol Microbial Inoculant and Reduces Phythophthora Blight.
    Lori A. Hoagland, Purdue University; Xiaojun Zhao, Purdue University; Mariateresa Cardarelli, Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Giuseppe Colla, University of Tuscia
    Poster #1116
    Effects of Burrowing Prairie Crayfish on Soil Nutrients and Microbial Communities.
    Harold P. Collins, USDA-ARS; Tara M. Nawrocki, Texas A&M University; Philip Fay, USDA; Wayne Polley, USDA-ARS
    Poster #1117
    Assessment of Soil Microbial Communities after Long-Term Implementation of Land Conservation Practices.
    Heather L. Tyler, USDA-ARS; Martin A. Locke, USDA-ARS; Matthew T. Moore, USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory
    Poster #1118
    Relationship between Microbial Community Composition, Soil Physicochemical Properties and Cotton Yields at a Field Scale.
    Wenxuan Guo, Texas Tech University; Veronica Acosta-Martinez, USDA-ARS; Amanda Cano, USDA-ARS; Jasmine Neupane, Texas Tech University; Abir Raihan, Texas Tech University; Zhe Lin, Texas Tech University
    Poster #1119
    Poster #1120
    Effect of Cropping Systems on Activities of Phosphorus- and Sulfur-Transforming Enzymes in Soils.
    Fangling Fan, Oklahoma State University; Mengya Du, Oklahoma State University; Zhenya Tang, Oklahoma State University; Shiping Deng, Oklahoma State University; Hailin Zhang, Oklahoma State University
    Poster #1121
    Comparison of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties and Soil Invertebrate Communities between Organic and Conventional Tea Plantations in Taiwan.
    Kaitlin Ramspeck, University of North Georgia; Chiou-Pin Chen, National Taiwan University; Chieh-ting Wang, National Taiwan University; Ching-Yu Huang, University of North Georgia
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  • Poster #1122
    Rhizospheric Effect on the Diversity of Archaea in Amazonian Dark Earth.
    Amanda Barbosa Lima, Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen; Aleksander Westphal Muniz, EMBRAPA; Acácio Aparecido Navarrete, Universidade Federal de São Carlos; Fabiana de Souza Cannavan, Universidade de São Paulo; Siu Mui Tsai, Universidade de São Paulo
    Poster #1123
    Grazinglands: A Meta-Analysis of Biogeochemical and Soil Physical Responses to Livestock Grazing Regimes.
    Ryan C. Byrnes, University of California, Davis; Danny J. Eastburn, University of California, Davis; Kenneth W. Tate, University of California, Davis; Leslie M. Roche, University of California, Davis
    Poster #1124
    Earthworm Distribution and Demographics Along a Naturally Occurring Salinity Gradient.
    Rodney Utter, North Dakota State Univeristy; Caley Gasch, North Dakota State University; Abbey Foster Wick, North Dakota State University
    Poster #1125
    Virus and Bacterial Community Responses to Anaerobic Fe(III) Bioreduction Vary with Down-Gradient Distance from the Point of Electron-Donor Addition.
    Xiaolong Liang, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Yusong Wang, The University of Tennessee; Jie Zhuang, The University of Tennessee; Mark Radosevich, The University of Tennessee
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  • Poster #1126
    Contrasting Soils in Organic Carbon Reflect Distinction in Soil Bacterial Community Composition.
    Paulina Beatriz Ramírez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Sebastián Fuentes, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Beatriz Díez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Carlos A. Bonilla, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
    Poster #1127
    Interaction between Crop and Mycorrhizal Fungi Specie Affects Root Colonization.
    Bruna Arruda, University of Sao Paulo; Diana Yulieth Peña Sierra, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; Lucero Viviana Rodriguez Ramos, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; Denise de Lourdes Colombo Mescolotti, University of Sao Paulo; Fernando Dini Andreote, University of Sao Paulo
    Poster #1128
    Assessment and Characterization of Microbial Communities in Salt Affected Soils on Galveston Island.
    Stephen Wagner, Dept. of Biology, Stephen F. Austin State University; Elaine Fowler, Stephen F. Austin State University; Kenneth W. Farrish, Stephen F. Austin State University; David Creech, Stephen F. Austin State University
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