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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

360 Climatology and Modeling Oral General II

Oral Session
ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling
This is a general oral session for the Climatology and Modeling Section.

Agroclimatology and Agronomic Modeling Community

ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling

Agroclimatology and Agronomic Modeling Community

Wednesday, October 25, 2017: 9:30 AM-12:00 PM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Florida Salon V

Bruno Basso
9:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
9:35 AM
Evaluation of Soil Water Pedotransfer Functions for Use in the Apsim Biochar Model.
Deborah Aller, Iowa State University; Sotirios V. Archontoulis, Iowa State University; David A. Laird, Iowa State University
9:50 AM
Improving SWAT Auto-Irrigation Functions for Simulating Irrigation Management Using Lysimeter Field Data.
Gary W. Marek, USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory; Yong Chen, Texas A&M University; Thomas H. Marek, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; David K. Brauer, USDA-ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory; Raghavan Srinivasan, Texas A&M University
10:05 AM
Gene-Based Modeling of Common Bean Flowering Time (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with Non-Linear Response to Temperature and Day Length.
Christopher Hwang, University of Florida; Daniel Wallach, INRA; Kenneth J. Boote, University of Florida; James W. Jones, University of Florida; Salvador Gezan, University of Florida; Mehul Bhakta, University of Florida; C. Eduardo Vallejos, University of Florida; Gerrit Hoogenboom, University of Florida; Melanie J. Correll, University of Florida
10:20 AM
Identifying Optimum Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate for Rainfed Corn Under Variable Climate Using the STICS Crop Model: A Case Study in Eastern Canada.
Morteza Mesbah, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Elizabeth Pattey, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Guillaume J├ęgo, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Anne Didier, Institut Technique de la Betterave; Fasheng Zhang, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Nicolas Tremblay, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Xiaoyuan Geng, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
10:35 AM
Improving the Simulation of Soil Water and Nitrogen Dynamic in the Epic Model.
Luca Doro, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Jaehak Jeong, Blackland Research and Extension Center; Max De Antoni Migliorati, Queensland University of Technology; Sandro Jose Giacomini, Federal University of Santa Maria; Benjamin Loubet, INRA, AgroParisTech, UMR1402 ECOSYS; M. Norfleet, USDA-NRCS; Jimmy R. Williams, Texas A&M University
10:50 AM
11:00 AM
Use of Crop-Water Production Models in Bio-Economic Valuations of Agricultural and Environmental Water: The Case of the Salton Sea.
Lucia R Levers, University of California; Todd H. Skaggs, USDA-ARS; Kurt A Schwabe, University of California
11:15 AM
Measurement and Modeling of the Vertical Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Gradient and Flux in Dryland Agricultural Fields.
Eric Russell, Washington State University; Sarah Waldo, Washington State University; Gaea Ridenhour, Smith College; Patrick O'Keeffe, Washington State University; Shelley Pressley, Washington State University; Brian Lamb, Washington State University
11:30 AM
Multimodal Ensemble Approach to Study Elevated CO2 Effects on Wheat Productivity.
Mukhtar Ahmed, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University; Claudio O. Stockle, Washington State University; Roger L Nelson, Washington State University; Stewart Higgins, Washington State University
11:45 AM
Gene-Based Crop Modeling for Predicting Rice Phenological Variation across Multiple Environments.
Tao Li, IRRI-International Rice Research Institute; Yubin Yang, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Salvador Gezan, University of Florida; Tanguy Lafarge, CIRAD; Lloyd T Wilson, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center; Michael Dingkuhn, CIRAD; Jauhar Ali, International Rice Research Institute; James W. Jones, University of Florida; Xinyou Yin, Wageningen University; Jing Wang, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center; Kenneth J. Boote, University of Florida; Hei Leung, International Rice Research Institute
12:00 PM