Friday, 14 July 2006: 3:30 PM
Convention Center, Room 114, First Floor
111: 3.1A Land Use Planning: Environmental, Economic and Social Trade-offs - Oral
Presiding:Ricardo Ralisch, Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Convenors:Lamourdia Thiombiano, FAO Regional Office for Africa
Alain Ruellan, INRA
3:30 PMSupporting Decision Making at the Regional Scale; An Approach to Put Soil Information in a Stakeholder Context.
Marthijn Sonneveld, Wageningen Univ and Research Center, Jetse Stoorvogel, Wageningen Univ and Research Center, Alejandra Mora-Vallejo, Wageningen Univ and Research Center, Lieven Claessens, Wageningen Univ and Research Center
4:00 PMFurther Experiences with Conservation Agriculture in Africa.
Ademir Calegari, IAPAR, John Ashburner, FAO Regional Office for Africa
4:20 PMUsing GIS Tools to Identify Valuable Soils, Viable Farms and Vulnerable Areas.
Caroline M. Alves, USDA /NRCS
4:40 PMLand Agroecological Evaluation for Designing the Agronomy Systems.
Valeriy I. Kiryushin, Russian State Agricultural Univ - MTAA, Soil Science Dept
5:00 PMSocio-Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment of Participatory Watershed Management in Drylands of India.
Jagir Singh Samra, Indian Council of Agricultural Research

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