Sunday, 9 July 2006: 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A, Second Floor
2: FAO/IAEA Workshop: Use of Nuclear Techniques in Addressing Soil-Water-Nutrient Issues for Sustainable Agricultural Production - Poster
Persistence of Carbofuran in Sri Lankan Soils.
Janitha A. Liyanage, Dept of Chemistry, Ransilu C. Watawala, Dept of Chemistry, Ananda P. Mallawatantri, Dept of Chemistry
Radiotracer Technique in Establishing Genotypic Divergence of Rice (Oryza sativa L. ) Cultivars in Zinc Utilization from Variable Sources.
Chinnappan Sudhalakshmi, Tamil Nadu Agricultural Univ, Ramasamy Krishnasamy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural Univ, U. Surendran, Tamil Nadu Agricultural Univ, A. RajaRajan, Regional Research Station
Soybean Below-Ground N and its Contribution to the N Nutrition of a Subsequent Sorghum Crop.
Ednaldo da S. Araujo, UFRRJ/Embrapa Agrobiologia, Robert M. Boddey, EMBRAPA-Agrobiologia, Segundo Urquiaga, EMBRAPA-Agrobiologia, Bruno J. R. Alves, EMBRAPA-Agrobiologia
Leaching Decreased Microbial Decomposition and Sorption of Easily Available Organic Substances in Soil.
Holger Fischer, Univ of Hohenheim, Yakov Kuzyakov, Univ of Hohenheim
Variation in Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Its Association with Grain Yield in Durum Wheat in the Eastern High Plains of Algeria.
M. Hafsi, Univ Ferhat Abbas, A. Hadji, Univ Ferhat Abbas, P. Monneveux, AgroM
Using N-15 Technique for Assessing Organic – N Turnover in Sandy Soil.
Soliman M. Soliman Sr., Atomic Energy Auth., Nuclear Res. Center, Soils and Water Res. Dept
Comparative Study of Water and N Fertilizer Application on Potato Crops under Drip and Surface Irrigation System by Using 15n.
A. A. Saif, AREA, A. Al-Kirshi, AREA, A. J. Ailan, AREA, M. Albabili, AREA, A. Haidara, AREA
A Simplified Diffusion Process Model for 137Cs Redistribution in Undisturbed Soil.
X. Zhang, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, He Xiubing, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Fu Jiexiong, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Qi Yongqing, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Long Yi, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment
Water Use and Plant Uptake of N and P in Relation to the Growth of Durum Wheat.
A. Fares Asfary, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria, A. Wahbi, International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), M. Al. Oudat, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria
Fertilizer N Movement and Recovery by Spring Wheat with Urea Super Granules Point-Placed at Different Soil Depths.
M. I. Khalil, Technical Univ of Munich, U. Schmidhalter, Technical Univ of Munich, K. Inubushi, Chiba Univ
The pH Effect on Nickel Phytoavailability in Sewage Sludge-Amended Oxisol Determined by L-Value.
Felipe Carlos Alvarez Villanueva, Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/Univ of São Paulo, Cassio Hamilton Abreu Jr., Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/Univ of São Paulo, Antonio Enedi Boaretto, Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/Univ of São Paulo, Takashi Muraoka, Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/Univ of São Paulo, Anderson Ricardo Trevizam, Center of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture/Univ of São Paulo
Soil N Enrichment Using Biomass of Gliricidia Sepium Injected with Labelled 15n Fertilizer and Subsequent Recovery by Zea Mays in an Alley-Cropping System.
S. P. Nissanka, Univ of Peradeniya, U. R. Sangakkara, Univ of Peradeniya
Evaluation of Phosphorus Availability in Egyptian Sludge Using 33P Isotope Exchange Kinetic Technique.
R. A. El-Motaium, Plant Research Dept, M. A. El-Esawy, Plant Research Dept, E. Frossard, ETH, S. Sinaj, ETH
Priming Effects Induced by Increasing Amounts of Glucose and Different Sources of CO2 Efflux from Soil Revealed by 14C Labelling and 13C Natural Abundance.
Katja Schneckenberger, Univ of Hohenheim, Dmitriy Demin, Puschino State Univ, Yakov Kuzyakov, Univ of Hohenheim
Use of Nuclear Techniques to Evaluate Management Practices for Improving Soil Fertility and Sustainable Common Bean Production in Acid Soil.
A. Garcia, Soil Institute, G. Hernandez, Soil Institute, A. Nuviola, Soil Institute, G. Duenas, Soil Institute, G. Herrero, Ecology and Systematic Institute, S. Curbelo, Experimental Station, J. L. Reyes, Experimental Station, J. J. Drevon, Institute National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

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