325 Soil and Water Conservation: Management Practices to Increase Sustainability: II

Poster Session
S06 Soil & Water Management & Conservation

Soil and water conservation are critical to maintaining agricultural sustainability in the coming decades. Adaptation of practices to enhance crop productivity and protect the environment are both local and global issues. This session will explore new applications of management practices to protect soil and water resources.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Dinku M. Endale and Harry Schomberg
Poster #1170
Assessing the Extent of Conservation Tillage Using Remotely Sensed Data.
Craig Daughtry, USDA-ARS; Paul Doraiswamy, USDA-ARS; E. Raymond Hunt, USDA-ARS; Guy Serbin, ASRC Management Services
Poster #1172
Soil Quality Management Under the Desert Southwest Farming System.
Omololu Idowu, New Mexico State University; Robert Flynn, New Mexico State University
Poster #1173
Geospatial Soil Conservation Using Andean Technology by the Inca Empire.
Francisco Mamani Pati, South Dakota State University; David Clay, South Dakota State University; Hugh Smeltekop, Bolivian Catholic University, UAC Carmen Pampa, Coroiro-Nor Yungas
Poster #1174
Effects of Subsurface Applying Poultry Litter in Pasture and No-till Systems.
Daniel Pote, USDA-ARS; Thomas Way, USDA-ARS; Peter Kleinman, USDA-ARS; Philip A. Moore Jr., USDA-ARS; Karamat Sistani, USDA-ARS; Arthur Allen, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Poster #1175
The Effect of Tillage and Inherent Soil Properties On the Least Limiting Water Range for Two Piedmont Soils.
Alan Meijer, NC State University - Soil Science Department; Jeffrey G. White, North Carolina State University; Robert Walters, Dept. of Soil Science/North Carolina State University; Adam Howard, North Carolina State University; J.L. Heitman, Dept. of Soil Science/North Carolina State University; Michael Wagger, North Carolina State University; Ronnie Heiniger, North Carolina State University
Poster #1176
Relationship of Soil Erosion On Land Use Type and Water Quality in Han-River Basin.
Seunghun Hyun, Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University; Minhee Kim, Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University; Minseok Park, Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University; Kim Jeong-gyu, Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University; Myeongsuk Jung, Han River Environment Research Center
Poster #1177
Assessing the Impact of Land Management Practices On Watershed Runoff Using MIKE SHE.
Xiaobo Zhou, Iowa State University; Matthew Helmers, Iowa State University
Poster #1178
Available Water and Yield Changes From Planting Skip-Row Corn.
Greg Kruger, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Jeffrey A. Golus, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Timothy Shaver, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Robert Klein, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Poster #1179
Managing Runoff Water Quality From Recently Manured, Furrow Irrigated Fields.
Rodrick Lentz, USDA-ARS; Dale Westermann (Ret.), USDA-ARS
Poster #1180
Use of Surface Renewal Method for ET Estimation Under Saline Conditions.
Sharon Benes, California State University; Diganta Adhikari, California State University; James Ayars, USDA- ARS
Poster #1181
Irrigating Slow and at Night Maximizes Wetted Soil Area of Subsurface Drip Irrigation On An Amarillo Soil Series.
Vinicius Bufon, Texas Tech University; Robert Lascano, USDA-ARS; Craig Bednarz, Texas Tech University; Jill Booker, USDA-ARS
Poster #1182
Influence of Different Irrigation Amounts On Plant Vigor and Fruit Quality in Two California Vineyards On Contrasting Soil Types.
Jean-Jacques Lambert, University of California-Davis; Robert Coates, University of California Davis; Chuck Ingels, University of California, Davis; Paul Verdegaal, University of California; James Wolpert, University of California; Michael Delwiche, University of California Davis; Richard Snyder, University of California, Davis
Poster #1183
Selenium Incorporation and Partitioning in ‘Jose' Tall Wheat Grass (Thinopyrum ponticum cv. jose) Irrigated with Saline Drainage Water.
Jaya K.C., California State University, Fresno; Sharon Benes, California State University, Fresno; Peter Robinson, University of California, Davis; Sergio Juchem, University of California, Davis; Stephen Grattan, LAWR; Suduan Gao, USDA- ARS
Poster #1184
Sediment and Aquatic Vegetation Effects On Phosphorus Concentrations in Farm Drainage Water.
Samira Daroub, University of Florida; Timothy Lang, University of Florida; Manohardeep Josan, University of Florida; Olawale O. OLADEJI, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Poster #1185
Sulfur Forms and Management in Everglades Agricultural Area Soils.
Rongzhong Ye, University of Florida; Alan Wright, University of Florida; Mabry McCray, University of Florida; William Orem, USGS; Yigang luo, University of Florida
Poster #1258
Variation of Sediment Concentration Based on Water Erosion Process and Its Drivers Under Different Soil Management Systems.
Wentai Zhang, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xuezheng Shi, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences; David Weindorf, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Dongsheng Yu, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences