188 Use of Molecular Tools to Enhance Breeding Efforts

Poster Session
C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics

Includes research that evaluates transgenic crops, utilizes molecular markers to follow selected traits and the results of association mapping moved into breeding applications


C07 Genomics, Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology
Tuesday, November 2, 2010: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Georgia Eizenga
Poster #136
Development of SCARs Markers for Discriminating Perilla Cultivar.
Myoung-Hee Lee, Rural Development Administration
Poster #137
SCARs Markers Derived From RAPD for Cultivar Identification in Perilla Frutescens.
Myoung-Hee Lee, Rural Development Administration; Tae Joung Ha, Rural Development Administration; Ki-Woong Yang, Rural Development Administration; Suk-Bok Pae, Rural Development Administration; Chung-Dong Hwang, Rural Development Administration; Chang-Hwan Park, Rural Development Administration; Kang-Bo Shim, Rural Development Administration; Chan-Sik Jung, Rural Development Administration; Keum-Yong Park, Rural Development Administration
Poster #138
Soybean Seed Lipoxygenase Genes: Molecular Characterization and Development of Molecular Marker Assays.
Julian Lenis, University of Missouri; Jason Gillman, USDA/ARS Plant Genetics Research Unit; Jeong-Dong Lee, Kyungpook National University; James Shannon, University of Missouri; Kristin Bilyeu, USDA/ARS Plant Genetics Research Unit
Poster #139
Candidate Genes for Fungal Resistance: Mapping and SNP Development for LysM-Domain Encoding Genes in Soybean.
Joseph Jedlicka, UNL-Lincoln; Xuecheng Zhang, University of Missouri; Gary Stacey, University of Missouri; Henry Nguyen, University of Missouri; Xiaolei Wu, University of Missouri; Paul Nabity, UNL-Lincoln; Michael Livingston, UNL-Lincoln; James Specht, UNL-Lincoln; George Graef, UNL-Lincoln
Poster #140
Putative QTLs Affecting Seed Protein Concentration in Two Recurrent Selection Populations in Soybean.
Luis Posadas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Nancy J. Hepburn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; James Specht, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Dong Wang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; George Graef, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Poster #141
The Genetic Structure of US Upland Cotton Germplasm.
Vasu Kuraparthy, North Carolina State University; Priyanka Tyagi, North Carolina State University; Ryan Andres, North Carolina State University; Daryl Bowman, North Carolina State University
Poster #142
Use of Molecular Mapping Techniques for Adaptation to Rainfall Levels in Pacific Northwest Wheat.
Surya L. Shrestha, Washington State University; Scot H. Hulbert, Washington State University; Kimberly Garland-Campbell, Washington State University; Arron Carter, Washington State University
Poster #143
Genetic Anaysis of Productive Tiller Number in Spring Wheat.
Yukiko Naruoka, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; Jamie Sherman, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; Susan P. Lanning, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; Nancy Blake, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; John Martin, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology; Luther Talbert, Montana State University Dept. of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Poster #144
Genetics and Associations of Wheat Kernel Characteristics.
Eder Mantovani, North Dakota State University; Mohamed Mergoum, North Dakota State University; Douglas Doehlert, USDA-ARS; Senay Simsek, North Dakota State University; Shahryar Kianian, North Dakota State University
Poster #145
Haplotype Diversity of Advanced Breeding Lines and Their Role in Association Mapping Grain Pigment Qtl's in Durum Wheat:.
Arti Singh, University of Saskatchewan; Curtis Pozniak, University of Saskatchewan; Asheesh Singh, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Ronald Knox, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; John Clarke, University of Saskatchewan; Fran Clarke, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Ronald DePauw, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Poster #146
QTL Detection for Bread Making Quality and Agronomic Traits in a Winter Wheat Mapping Population.
Walid El-Feki, Colorado State University; Patrick Byrne, Colorado State University; Scott Reid, Colorado State University; Nora Lapitan, Colorado State University; Scott Haley, Colorado State University
Poster #147
Genetic Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with End-Use Quality Traits in the Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cross ‘Louise' by ‘Penawawa'.
Arron Carter, Washington State University; Kimberly Garland-Campbell, USDA-ARS; Craig Morris, USDA-ARS; Kimberlee Kidwell, Washington State University
Poster #148
Genomic Selection in the Presence of Strong Subpopulation Structure.
Jean-Luc Jannink, USDA-ARS; Mark Newell, Iowa State University; Franco Asoro, Iowa State University
Poster #149
Rapid Cycle Breeding in Crops with Genomic Selection.
Jesse Poland, USDA-ARS; Jean-Luc Jannink, USDA-ARS
Poster #151
Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Underlying Shrunken Kernel Phenotype in Maize Using Four Interconnected Advanced Backcross Populations Derived From Two Donor Parents.
Sreedhar Alwala, Dow Agro Sciences; Cynthia Ernst, Dow Agro Sciences; Jill Bryan, Dow Agro Sciences; David Meyer, Dow Agro Sciences
Poster #152
Genetic Variation for Biomass Production and Kernel Number Determination In a Maize Population of RILs.
Evangelina Palmieri, FAUBA; Viviana Mirabilio, FAUBA; Karina D'Andrea, FAUBA - CONICET; Maria Otegui, FAUBA-IFEVA-CONICET; Guillermo Eyherabide, INTA; Alfredo G. Cirilo, INTA
Poster #153
Genetic Variation for the Physiological Determinants of Maize Kernel Weight In a Population of RILs.
Carlina Piedra, FAUBA-IFEVA-CONICET; Karina D'Andrea, FAUBA-CONICET; Lucas Borras, UNR; Maria Otegui, FAUBA-IFEVA-CONICET; Guillermo H. Eyherabide, INTA
Poster #155
Development of TaqMan PCR Zygosity Assay to Detect the Maize bm3 Mutant.
Nathan VanOpdorp, Mycogen Seeds; Wei Chen, Dow AgroSciences; Milan Avery, Dow AgroSciences; Tiffany King, Dow AgroSciences; Chandra Channabasavaradhya, Dow AgroSciences; Siva Kumpatla, Dow AgroSciences
Poster #157
QTLs in Sweet by Grain Sorghum RILs.
Terry Felderhoff, Texas A&M University; William Rooney, Texas A&M University; Seth Murray, Texas Agrilife Research
Poster #158
Intergeneric Pollen Tube Growth in Poaceae Utilizing the Iap Allele in Sorghum Bicolor.
Matthew Bartek, Texas A&M University; William Rooney, Texas A&M University; Byron Burson, USDA-ARS; George Hodnett, Texas A&M University
Poster #159
Genetic Characterization of Proso Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) Germplasm.
Dipak Santra, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Tammy Plyler-Harveson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Susan Harvey, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Glen Frickel, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Poster #160
Rapid in Vitro Micro-Propagation of Clean Sugarcane Seed.
Vivek Sharma, Texas Agrilife Research - Weslaco; G.M Acuna, Texas Agrilife Research - Weslaco; M. Damaj, Texas Agrilife Research - Weslaco; Nael El-Hout, Texas Agrilife Research - Weslaco
Poster #161
Quantitative Approach of Sex Determinism in Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.).
Anne-Michelle Faux, Earth and Life Institute, Université catholique de Louvain; Pierre Bertin, Earth and Life Institute, Université catholique de Louvain