92 Nutrients and Environmental Quality General Session: II

Poster Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality
Exciting advances in the management of nutrients to prevent or mitigate losses to the environment are happening every year. If you have something exciting to share, and it doesn't fit in one of the topical poster sessions, this is your opportunity.

Nutrients and Environmental Quality Community

Monday, November 4, 2013: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Tampa Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall

Community Leader:
Amy L. Shober
D. Keith Reid
D. Keith Reid and Amy L. Shober
Poster #1209
Effect of Agricultural Practices On Nitrate Leaching and Nitrogen Fertilizer Recovery in a Semi-Arid Region.
Andrew John, Montana State University; Clain A. Jones, Montana State University; Stephanie A. Ewing, Montana State University; W. Adam Sigler, Montana State University; Perry R. Miller, Montana State University
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1210
    Linking Stream Water Phosphorus to Ecological Endpoints in Ozark Headwater Streams.
    Raymond B Brennan, University of Arkansas; Andrew N. Sharpley, University of Arkansas; Thad Scott, University of Arkansas; Michael Bowes, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Brian Haggard, University of Arkansas; Helen Jarvie, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
    Poster #1211
    Phosphorous Phytoremediation of Manure-Enriched Soil Using Diverse Plant Species.
    Robert B. Dadson, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Fawzy M. Hashem, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Poster #1212
    Nutrient Leaching From Soil in Mixed Turfgrass and Woody Plant Urban Landscapes.
    Timothy Richard Pannkuk, Sam Houston State University
    Poster #1213
    Using N15 and O18 Isotopes To Determine Groundwater Contamination Sources In Colorado.
    Ashton Dilka, Colorado State University; Troy A. Bauder, Colorado State University; Erik Wardle, Colorado State University; Karl Mauch, Colorado Department of Agriculture
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1214
    Linking Rice Agriculture to Nutrient Chemical Composition, Concentration and Mass Flux in Catchment Streams in Subtropical Central China.
    Yi Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Feng Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yuyuan Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lifang Song, Huazhong Agricultural University; Hang Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Cen Meng, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Jinshui Wu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Poster #1215
    Reducing Nutrients Through Conservation: A Paired Watershed Study.
    Ashleigh A. Hammac, North Carolina State University; Daniel Line, North Carolina State University; Wesley Childres, North Carolina State University; Deanna L. Osmond, North Carolina State University
    Poster #1216
    Poster #1217
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses in Overland and Subsurface Drainage From An Irish Grassland Site.
    Tristan G Ibrahim, Teagasc; Mark G Healy, National University of Ireland; Reamonn M Fealy, Teagasc; Gary J Lanigan, Teagasc; Karl G Richards, Teagasc; Owen Fenton, Teagasc
    Poster #1218
    Ammonia Volatilization and Effect Of An Alternative Nitrogen Source On Grain Yield, Protein and Test Weight Of Winter Wheat Crops In a High Rainfall Environment.
    Nicole P. Anderson, Oregon State University; Michael D. Flowers, Oregon State University; Sarah K Del Moro, Oregon State University
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1219
    Phosphorus Sorption and Movement In FINE Sand Spodosols and Entisols.
    Davie Mayeso Kadyampakeni, University of Florida; Peter Nkedi-Kizza, University of Florida; Kelly T. Morgan, University of Florida; Arnold Schumann, University of Florida
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1220
    Phosphorus Sorption and Desorption From Ephemeral Gully Soils.
    James Coover, Kansas State University; Nathan O. Nelson, Kansas State University
    Poster #1221
    The Role of the Subsoil As a Source Or Sink for Phosphorus Leaching.
    Helena Andersson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Lars Bergström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Faruk Djodjic, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Barbro Ulén, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Holger Kirchmann, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Poster #1223
    Poster #1300
    Determination Of Biosolids Phosphorus Solubility and Its Relationship To Wastewater Treatment.
    Molly Jameson, North Carolina State University; Jeffrey G. White, North Carolina State University; Deanna L. Osmond, North Carolina State University
    Poster #1301
    Runoff, Sediment and Total Phosphorus Loss Predictions Using The Apex Model.
    Ammar Bhandari, Kansas State University; Nathan O. Nelson, Kansas State University; Claire Baffaut, USDA-ARS; Mike Van Liew, University of Nebraska; Daniel W. Sweeney, Kansas State University; John A. Lory, University of Missouri-Columbia; Gary M. Pierzynski, Kansas State University; Philip L. Barnes, Kansas State University; Keith A. Janssen, Kansas State University
    Poster #1302
    Apex Simulation: Environmental Benefits Of Agroforestry and Grass Buffers For Corn-Soybean Watersheds.
    Anomaa Senaviratne, University of Missouri; Ranjith P. Udawatta, University of Missouri; Claire Baffaut, USDA-ARS; Stephen H. Anderson, University of Missouri
    Poster Presentation
  • Senaviratne et al AFTA 2013 Poster June 2013.pdf (647.6 kB)