131 Chemical Concentrations, Fate, and Distribution in Soils: I

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Chemistry
Within this encompassing session, topics ranging from chemical sources to fate and distribution within soils are encouraged.
Monday, November 4, 2013: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Grand Ballroom C

Scott Fendorf
Samantha Ying
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:20 PM
Sequestration of Selenium in Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater Using Constructed Wetlands: A Synchrotron Based Investigation.
Madhubhashini B. Galkaduwa, Kansas State University; Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, Kansas State University; Gerard J. Kluitenberg, Kansas State University; Stacy L. Hutchinson, Kansas State University
1:35 PM
Anion Competition By Sulphates in a P Fertilizer Band Investigated Using 31 P MAS NMR, P L – Edge XANES and S K - Edge XANES.
Mihiri Manimel Wadu, University of Manitoba; Wole Akinremi, University of Manitoba; Scott Kroeker, University of Manitoba; Yongfeng Hu, Canadian Light Source
2:05 PM
Siderophore-Promoted Mobilization of Chromium From Hydroxide Minerals.
Martin M Akafia, North Carolina State University; Megan Y Anderws, North Carolina State University; Owen W. Duckworth, North Carolina State University
2:20 PM
Effects Of Edaphoclimatic Conditions On The Sorption Of Alachlor In Brazilian Oxisols Under No-Till System.
Eloana Bonfleur, University of Sao Paulo; Rai S. Kookana, CSIRO; Valdemar Tornisielo, University of Sao Paulo; Jussara Regitano, University of Sao Paulo
2:35 PM
Sorption of Antibiotic Monensin to Pasture Soil Receiving Longterm Broiler Litter Application.
Sarah Doydora, North Carolina State University; Aaron Thompson, University of Georgia; Miguel Cabrera, University of Georgia
2:50 PM
Benzene Leaching and TPH Degradation in Soils Amended With Oil-Based Drill Cuttings.
Andrew Hays Whitaker, North Carolina State University; Chad J. Penn, Oklahoma State University; Niels maness, Oklahoma State University
3:05 PM
3:20 PM
Geochemical Characterization of Uranium From Baseline- and Post-Mining Site Conditions At An In-Situ Recovery Uranium Mine.
Amrita Bhattacharyya, Colorado State University; Thomas Borch, Colorado State University
3:35 PM
3:50 PM
Characterization of Zinc Speciation in a Smelter Contaminated Canadian Boreal Forest Landscape: From Micro-XANES, XRF Mapping, and XAFS to Speciation Mapping of the Contaminated Landscape.
Jordan Hamilton, University of Saskatchewan; Richard Farrell, University of Saskatchewan; Derek Peak, University of Saskatchewan
4:05 PM
Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption and Vibrational Spectroscopic Methods Assessing Metal-Organic Interactions.
Courtney Phillips, University of Saskatchewan; Derek Peak, University of Saskatchewan; Tom Regier, Canadian Light Source Inc.
4:20 PM
Kinetics of Ni-Al Layer Double Hydroxide Precipitate Formation On Aluminum Oxide: A Time-Resolved XRD and Quick-Scanning EXAFS Study.
Wei Li, University of Delaware; Donald L. Sparks, University of Delaware; Matt Siebecker, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences; Syed Khalid, Brookhaven National Lab
4:35 PM
4:50 PM
Break II
5:00 PM
5:15 PM
Excitation-Emission Matrix Spectroscopy With Soft x-Rays: A Method for Simultaneous Measurement of Mineralogy and Chemical Speciation in Soils.
Derek Peak, University of Saskatchewan; Tom Regier, Canadian Light Source Inc.; James J Dynes, Canadian Light Source, Inc.; Adam Gillespie, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
5:30 PM
Predicting Changes in Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus in Surface and Pore Water of Flooded Alkaline to Calcareous Soils.
Geethani Amarawansha Eragoda Arachchilage, University of Manitoba; Darshani Kumaragamage, University of Winnipeg; Donald N. Flaten, University of Manitoba; Mario Tenuta, University of Manitoba; Wole Akinremi, University of Manitoba; Francis Zvomuya, University of Manitoba
5:45 PM
Enhancement of Heavy Metal Immobilization in a Lead-Smelting Polluted Soil With Soluble Phosphate and Calcium.
Kirk G. Scheckel, US- EPA (Environmental Protection Agency); Liping Li, National Risk Mangement Research Laboratory, U. S. Environmental Protecito Agency; Lin Li, Henan University of Technology
6:00 PM