279 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Division and Nutrient Management and Soil and Plant Analysis Division Graduate Student Oral Competition - Nitrogen Management (PhD degree)

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition
This will be an oral graduate student competition for people pursuing an PhD degree. It will be a joint competition between the Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Division and Nutrient Management and Soil and Plant Analysis Division Graduate Student Oral Competition (PhD degree).

Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 8:00 AM-12:30 PM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Grand Ballroom G

Kevin F. Bronson and Robert O. Miller
Paul B. DeLaune
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Pathways of N Loss Following Manure Application: Water and Air Quality Trade Offs.
Emily W. Duncan, The Pennsylvania State University; Peter J. A. Kleinman, USDA-ARS; Curtis J. Dell, USDA-ARS Pasture Systems & Watershed Mgmt Research Unit; Douglas B. Beegle, Pennsylvania State University
8:20 AM
The Development Sensor-Based Algorithms and On-the-Go Application for the Improvement of Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE).
Christopher Hartman, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Abhijit Nagchaudhuri, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Madhumi Mitra, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Craig S. T. Daughtry, USDA-ARS
8:50 AM
9:05 AM
Evaluation of Urease Inhibitors in Reducing Ammonia Volatilization and Increasing Grain Yield in Drill-Seeded, Delayed-Flood Rice.
Christopher W. Rogers, USDA-ARS; Richard J. Norman, University of Arkansas; Kristofor R. Brye, University of Arkansas; Alden Smartt, University of Arkansas; Trenton L. Roberts, University of Arkansas; Nathan A. Slaton, University of Arkansas; Anthony M. Fulford, University of Arkansas; Donna L. Frizzell, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture
9:20 AM
Modeling Ammonia Volatilization From Surface-Applied Broiler Litter.
Kate Cassity-Duffey, University of Georgia-Athens; Miguel Cabrera, University of Georgia
9:35 AM
Soil N Mineralization in Burley Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Tillage and Rotation Systems.
Congming Zou, University of Kentucky; Robert C. Pearce, University of Kentucky; John H Grove, University of Kentucky; Mark S. Coyne, University of Kentucky
9:50 AM
10:00 AM
Consequences Of "Shallow" Pre-Plant Anhydrous Ammonia Placement On Corn Production.
Péter Kovðcs, Purdue University; George E. Van Scoyoc, Purdue University; Tony J. Vyn, Purdue University
10:15 AM
Employing Nitrogen Budgets for Assessment of Nitrogen Loss From Agricultural Systems: A Florida Case Study On N Management in Sandy Soils.
Rishi Prasad, Auburn University; George Hochmuth, University of Florida; Christopher Martinez, University of Florida
10:30 AM
Nitrogen Mineralization and Fertilization Response of Mid-Rotation Pinus Radiata D.Don Stands At Three Contrasting Soils.
Mailing Vanessa Ramirez Alzate, University of Concepcion; Rafael A. Rubilar, University of Concepcion
10:45 AM
Fertility Management Impacts On Soil Quality and Nitrogen Cycling in a Dominant Midwestern Soil.
Matt Rudisill, Purdue University; Lori A. Hoagland, Purdue University
11:00 AM
Optimizing the Nitrogen Fertilizer Application Rate for Plasticulture Grown Cabbage in Florida.
Charles Edward Barrett, University of Florida; Lincoln Zotarelli, University of Florida; Lucas Giordano Paranhos, University of Florida
11:15 AM
Response of N-Fertilizer Rates and Timing of Application On Yield of Chipping Potatoes in Florida.
Libby R Rens, University of Florida; Lincoln Zotarelli, University of Florida; Daniel Cantliffe, University of Florida; Douglas Gergela, University of Florida
11:30 AM
The Effect of Tillage and Crop Residue Application On Total and Labile Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Pools in a Long-Term Conservation Tillage Trial in Western Kenya.
Jeremiah Mosioma Okeyo, University of Wyoming; Jay Norton, University of Wyoming; Saidou Koala, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT
11:45 AM
A Nitrogen Recommendation Algorithm Utilizing Optical Sensors for Intensive Nitrogen Management of Winter Wheat.
Antonio Ray Asebedo, Kansas State University; David B. Mengel, Kansas State University
12:00 PM
Evaluation of Nitrogen and Water Use Efficiencies On Corn Hybrids With and Without Drought Tolerance in Irrigated and Dryland Production Systems.
Eric C. Miller, Oklahoma State University; Jeremiah L. Mullock, Oklahoma State University; Jacob T. Bushong, Oklahoma State University; William R. Raun, Oklahoma State University
12:15 PM
Evaluation of Natural Abundance of δ15N Signatures for Potential Nitrogen-Fixation in Three Perennial Feedstock Grasses.
Jayani J Wewalwela, Mississippi State University; Mark A Williams, Virginia Tech; Janet R Donaldson, Mississippi State University
12:30 PM