144 Symposium--Managing Microbial Communities and Processes in Organic, Transition and Hybrid Agroecosystems: I

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Invited speakers will discuss challenges, methods, and case studies of biologically-based agroecosystems that rely or partly rely on soil microbial communities for plant nutrient availability, pathogen control, weed suppression, and other processes that support crop growth. A focus will be on how to manage microbial communities to promote specific activities at specific phases of crop growth. Lessons learned from organic management systems can be applied to conventional systems to develop sustainable hybrid systems or support systems transitioning into organic. Hybrid systems may employ innovative strategies including no-till, diverse crop rotations, integrated crop-livestock, and/or cover crops along with conventional practices. These systems might benefit microbial communities similarly as organic systems.

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

Organic Management Systems Community

Monday, November 3, 2014: 8:00 AM-12:35 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 103A

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Robert N. Ames and Kristine A. Nichols
Robert N. Ames and Kristine A. Nichols
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:50 AM
How Do No-till Farming Practices Influence Soil Biological Processes?.
Lynette K Abbott, University of Western Australia; Ken Flower, University of Western Australia
10:20 AM
10:35 AM
Soil Micro-Organisms As Influenced By Farming Systems and Management Practices.
Paul Mäder, FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture; Andreas Fliessbach, FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture; Alfred Berner, FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture; Andreas Gattinger, FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
11:05 AM
Designing Cropping Systems for Enhanced Soil Biological Function: Lessons Learned in Temperate and Tropical Agroecosystems.
Martin H. Entz, University of Manitoba; Tandra Fraser, University of Guelph; Marie Soliel Turmel, CGIAR; William May, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Isaiah Nyagumbo, CIMMYT; Rob Gulden, University of Manitoba; Mario Tenuta, University of Manitoba
12:05 PM
Sustainable Intensification By Managing Microbial Communities and Processes in Agroecosystems.
Kristine A. Nichols, Rodale Institute; David W. Archer, USDA-ARS; Jonathan J. Halvorson, USDA-ARS; John Hendrickson, USDA-ARS; Scott L. Kronberg, USDA-ARS; Mark A. Liebig, USDA-ARS; Jeffrey W Moyer, Rodale Institute; Matt A. Sanderson, USDA-ARS; Mark Smallwood, Rodale Institute; David Toledo, USDA-ARS
12:25 PM
12:35 PM