119 Graduate Student Oral Competition: Weeds, Diseases, and Growth Regulation

Oral Session
C05 Turfgrass Science
Graduate student oral competition with papers selected for the "Industry" category.

C05 Turfgrass Science

Monday, November 3, 2014: 10:00 AM-12:05 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Seaside Ballroom A

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Douglas E. Karcher
Benjamin Wherley
10:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:05 AM
Reducing Ultraviolet-B Radiation Affects Dollar Spot Development Under Field Conditions.
Jesse J Benelli, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Brandon J. Horvath, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; David P Shell, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
10:20 AM
The Potential Photoprotective Ability of Copper Pthalocyanine.
Dominic Petrella, Ohio State University; David S. Gardner, The Ohio State University; T. Karl Danneberger, The Ohio State University; James Metzger, The Ohio State University
10:50 AM
Plant Growth Regulator Effects on Etiolation Development in Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green Turf Caused By Acidovorax Avenae.
Joseph Anthony Roberts, North Carolina State University; James P. Kerns, North Carolina State University; David Ritchie, NC State University
11:05 AM
Evaluation of Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) Responses to a Tryptophan-Containing Byproduct.
Isaac Mertz, Iowa State University; Nick E. Christians, Iowa State University; Erik Ervin, Virginia Tech; Xunzhong Zhang, Virginia Tech
11:20 AM
Fall Verdure Sap Nitrate-N Concentrations As a Predictor of Cool-Season Turfgrass Lawn Color Response in the Fall and Following Spring.
Kevin M. Miele, University of Connecticut; Karl Guillard, University of Connecticut; Thomas F. Morris, University of Connecticut
11:35 AM
Enhancing Winter Aesthetics of Zoysiagrass in the Transition Zone with Colorants.
Ross Braun, Kansas State University; Jack D. Fry, Kansas State University; Megan M. Kennelly, Kansas State University; Dale J. Bremer, Kansas State University; Jason Griffin, Kansas State University
11:50 AM
Assessing the Effects of Trinexapac-Ethyl on Trafficked Fine Fescue Fairways.
Maggie Reiter, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Brian Horgan, University of Minnesota
12:05 PM