269 Remote Sensing and Digital Soil Mapping Applications: II (includes graduate student competition)

Poster Session
ASA Section: Global Agronomy
This topical session will focus on research and development in using remote sensing data and information for producing digital soil maps. The scope includes how the data are used and applied across the international community for planning purposes relating to important issues of food security, land degradation, water quality, biodiversity and environmental planning.

Global Digital Soil Map Community

Global Agronomy

Global Digital Soil Map Community

Tuesday, November 4, 2014: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall ABC

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Community Leader:
Jonathan W. Hempel
Poster #527
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Multi-Year Landsat 7 Data for Regional Scale Soil Salinity Assessment.
Elia Scudiero, USDA-ARS Salinity Laboratory; Dennis L. Corwin, U.S. Salinity Laboratory; Todd H. Skaggs, USDA-ARS
Poster Presentation
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