120 Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics

Oral Session
C05 Turfgrass Science
Contributed papers in the broad category of turfgrass breeding and genetics

C05 Turfgrass Science

Monday, November 3, 2014: 1:10 PM-2:30 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 101B

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Douglas E. Karcher
Susana R. Milla-Lewis
1:10 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:15 PM
Estimating Genetic Effects of Rapid Tillering Rate and Rhizome Formation in Tall Fescue (Lolium arundinaceum (Schreb.) Darby.) Using Polycross.
Priti Saxena, University of California-Riverside; Stacy A. Bonos, Rutgers University; William A. Meyer, Rutgers University
1:30 PM
Development of a Metabolomics-Assisted Selection Tool for Breeding Cool-Season Turfgrass Species.
Lindsey Hoffman, University of Minnesota; Eric Koeritz, University of Minnesota; Dana Freund, University of Minnesota; Adrian Hegeman, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Nancy Jo Ehlke, University of Minnesota
2:15 PM
High-Density Genetic Maps of Zoysiagrass Using RAD Markers.
Qingyi Yu, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Fangfang Wang, Texas A&M University; Ratnesh Singh, Texas A&M University; Xiaoen Huang, Texas A&M University; Ambika Chandra, Texas A&M University
2:30 PM