414 Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis: II

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis
Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis general oral session.
Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 7:55 AM-11:15 AM
Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Beacon Ballroom A

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Robert W. Mullen
Andrew J. Stammer
7:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:00 AM
The Effect of Drying and Drying Temperature on Soil Test Values.
Andrew Mueller, Oklahoma State University; Hailin Zhang, Oklahoma State University; Robert O. Miller, Colorado State University; Jackie Schroder, Oklahoma State University
8:30 AM
Changes in Lignin Chemistry during Photodegradation Revealed By Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy.
Yang Lin, University of California; Jennifer Y. King, University of California; Steven D. Karlen, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Ralph, University of Wisconsin-Madison
8:45 AM
Use of PXRF for Rapid Tissue Analysis: Comparison with Traditional Techniques.
Beatrix J. Haggard, Oklahoma State University; Josh Lofton, Oklahoma State University; Autumn Acree, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Cory L. Cole, Louisiana State University AgCenter; David C. Weindorf, Texas Tech University
9:00 AM
Assessing Crop Residue Phosphorus Speciation Using Chemical Fractionation and Solution 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
Sarah Noack, Hart Field Site Group; Ronald Smernik, University of Adelaide; Therese McBeath, CSIRO Agriculture; Roger Armstrong, Department of Primary Industries Victoria; Michael J. McLaughlin, The University of Adelaide/CSIRO
9:15 AM
Phosphorus and Potassium Tissue Testing to Guide Fertilization of Corn and Soybean.
Andrew J. Stammer, Iowa State University; Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State University
9:30 AM
9:45 AM
Using Plant Tissue and Soil Testing to Predict Corn and Soybean Yield Response to Foliar Applied Micronutrients in Iowa.
Joshua T. Enderson, Iowa State University; Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State University; Mazhar U. Haq, Iowa State University
10:15 AM
Lime Rate and Moisture Effects on Soil pH Change and Buffer Correlations to Observed Lime Requirements in Kansas.
Robert J. Florence, University of Wisconsin-Extension; Osler A Ortez, Kansas State University; Dorivar A. Ruiz Diaz, Kansas State University; David B. Mengel, Kansas State University
10:30 AM
Nutrient Retention of Artificial Soils Used in the Eden Project Biomes (Cornwall, UK).
Hannah Schofield, University of Plymouth; Tim Pettitt, Eden Project; Gavyn Rollinson, University of Exeter; Alan Tappin, Plymouth University; Mark Fitzsimons, Plymouth University
10:45 AM
Cornell Soil Health Assessment Update.
Daniel Moebius-Clune, Cornell University; Bianca Moebius-Clune, Cornell University; Robert Schindelbeck, Cornell University; Janice Thies, Cornell University; Harold van Es, Cornell University
11:00 AM
11:15 AM