390 Symposium--Addressing Grand Challenges - Nationally Coordinated Research in Wheat and Barley (TCAP)

Oral Session
C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
This symposium will summarize lessons learned from efforts to map and breed for adaptation to climate change in the USDA Triticeae Coordinated Agricultural Project (TCAP). Major research goals of this project are to develop a national breeding and genetics infrastructure to improve nitrogen use efficiency, water use efficiency, disease resistance, and low temperature tolerance in wheat and barley.  Topics will include genotyping by sequencing, exploiting the USDA National Small Grains core collections, canopy spectral reflectance, association mapping, genomic selection, and trait and genotype data management.

C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics

Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 9:10 AM-12:05 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Seaside Ballroom B

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Kevin P. Smith
9:10 AM
Introductory Remarks
9:15 AM
Using Canopy Spectral Reflectance for Mapping Drought Resistance from a Rye Chromosome Arm Introgression in Common Wheat.
Tyson R. Howell, University of California-Davis; Iago Hale, University of New Hampshire-Durham; Ljupcho Jankuloski, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food; Marcos Bonafede, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA); Jorge Dubcovsky, University of California-Davis
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
TCAP Genotyping: Beyond the Arrays.
Gina Brown-Guedira, USDA-ARS Regional Genotyping Laboratory
11:30 AM
T3: A Crop Database to Facilitate Collaboration and Accelerate Discovery.
Jean-Luc Jannink, USDA-ARS; Dave Matthews, USDA-ARS; Victoria Blake, USDA-ARS; Clayton Birkett, USDA-ARS; Peter J. Bradbury, USDA-ARS; David Hane, USDA-ARS
12:00 PM