284 Crop Ecology, Management and Quality: II

Poster Session
C03 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality
In this session we will investigate the role of crop ecology and management on yield and composition

C03 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality

Tuesday, November 4, 2014: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall ABC

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Shawn P. Conley
Shawn P. Conley and Jeffrey A. Coulter
Poster #613
Changes in Phosphorus Uptake in Soybean Cultivars Released over 90 Years.
Peter Kovacs, Purdue University; Philip A. Long, Purdue University; Shaun Casteel, Purdue University
Poster #614
Evaluation of Nitrogen Rates on Edamame.
Louis Hamilton, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, University of Arkansas; William Jeremy Ross, University of Arkansas; Melanie D. Fuhrman, University of Arkansas; Trenton L. Roberts, University of Arkansas
Poster #615
How Well Do Plant Hydraulic Traits Predict Species' Distributions Across the World?.
Sean M. Gleason, USDA-ARS; Chris J. Blackman, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
Poster #616
Growth and Yield Responses of Two Soybean Cultivars to Inoculation, P and N Fertilization in Northern Mozambique.
Stephen Kyei-Boahen, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; David Chikoye, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Robert Abaidoo, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA); Carlos Pedro Muananamuale, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Mozambique
Poster Presentation
  • 2014 ASA Poster SKBoahen.pdf (1.2 MB)
  • Poster #618
    Effect of Cover Crop Types on Cash Crop Yields in No-till.
    Kraig L. Roozeboom, Kansas State University; Peter J. Tomlinson, Kansas State University; Megan Stirling Brown, Kansas State University; Bryson J. Haverkamp, Kansas State University; Joshua D. Jennings, Kansas State University
    Poster Presentation
  • 2014 ASA LT CC Poster-Final.pdf (2.4 MB)
  • Poster #619
    Water and Radiation Use Efficiencies in Soybean Affected By Cover Crops.
    Leandro Bortolon, EMBRAPA - Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria; Elisandra Solange Oliveira Bortolon, EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation; Emerson Borghi, EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation
    Poster #620
    Reduced Growth of Pea Following Cool-Season Oilseeds.
    Brett L. Allen, USDA-ARS; TheCan Caesar-TonThat, USDA-ARS
    Poster #621
    Lignocellulosic Theoretical Ethanol Production of Potential Bioenergy Sorghum Genotypes.
    Monique K Long, Purdue University; Jeffrey J. Volenec, Purdue University; Sylvie M. Brouder, Purdue University
    Poster #622
    Effect of Plant Population and Replant Method on Peanut Planted in Twin Rows.
    Jason M. Sarver, Mississippi State University; R. Scott Tubbs, University of Georgia - Tifton; Diane L. Rowland, University of Florida; Albert K. Culbreath, University of Georgia - Tifton; Timothy L. Grey, University of Georgia; Nathan B. Smith, University of Georgia - Tifton
    Poster #623
    Impact of Reduced Seeding Rates on Single-Row Peanut Production in a Sandy Loam Soil.
    R. Scott Tubbs, University of Georgia - Tifton; John Beasley, Auburn University
    Poster #624
    Winter Malt Barley Production and Market Development in the Mid-Atlantic USA.
    Wade E. Thomason, Virginia Tech; Carl A. Griffey, Virginia Tech; Wynse Brooks, Virginia Tech
    Poster Presentation
  • Winter Malt Barley.pdf (3.0 MB)
  • Poster #626
    Does Phosphorus Uptake Affect Crop Lodging in Oat Genotypes?.
    Bao-Luo Ma, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Weikai Yan, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Denis Pageau, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Cecil Vera, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Aruna W. Herath, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
    Poster Presentation
  • Ma-2014-ASA-poster.pdf (1.2 MB)
  • Poster #627
    Effect of Mepiquat Chloride (Pix) and Nitrogen on Cotton Yield and Yield Components Under Water Stress Conditions.
    Omid Reza Zandvakili, University of Tehran; Emad Jahanzad, Pennsylvania State University; Abdolreza Gharanjiki, Cotton Research Institute; Abdollah Baniani, Tehran's Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center; Masoud Hashemi, University of Massachusetts
    Poster #628
    Optimizing Grain Sorghum Seeding Rates for Anticipated Hydrologic Conditions.
    Ronnie W. Schnell, Texas A&M University; Ryan Collet, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Tony L. Provin, Texas Agrilife Extension Service; Russell Sutton, Texas A&M University; Jon Gersbach, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
    Poster #629
    Forage Yield and Quality of Teff As Influenced By Seeding Rate, Nitrogen Fertilization, and Harvest Timing.
    Earl Creech, Utah State University; Michael Laca, Utah State University; Jay Davison, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension; Kevin B. Jensen, USDA ARS Forage and Range Research Lab; Grant E. Cardon, Utah State University
    Poster #630
    The Effect of Container Size on Bush Bean Production for Urban Contain Gardens.
    Jason D Streubel, Convoy of Hope/Evangel University/Washington State University; Sigma Zeta, Sigma Zeta Club Evangel University
    Poster #631
    Development and Yield of Jatropha curcas L. Under Weed Competition.
    Enes Furlani Jr., Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP; Samuel Ferrari, Sao Paulo State University; Danilo Marcelo Aires dos Aires dos Santos, São Paulo State University; Renata Capistrano Moreira Furlani, Sao Paulo State University; Carlos Eduardo Rosa, So Paulo State University
    Poster #632
    Poster #633
    Evaluation of Different Rates of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Chicken Manure on Potato Yield and Its Components (Kurdistan Province, Iran).
    Farzad Hosseinpanahi, University of Kurdistan; Delnia Mohamad Amini, University of Kurdistan; Arezo Nadimi, University of Kurdistan; Jamal Moshirpanahi, University of Kurdistan; Hamid Fatehi, University of Kurdistan