361 Biometry and Statistical Computing: I

Oral Session
ASA Section: Biometry and Statistical Computing
Volunteer papers of recent applications of statistical methods in the agronomic sciences.

Biometry and Statistical Computing

Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 9:55 AM-10:45 AM
Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Seaview C

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Jose A. Hernandez
9:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:00 AM
Alternative Methods of Interpolating Precision Farming Data.
Rong-Cai Yang, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry; Zhiqiu Hu, University of Alberta
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
Multitrait Mixed Modeling and Categorical Data Analyses of Phenotypic Variances.
Abdullah A. Jaradat, USDA-ARS; Jon Starr, USDA-ARS; Jana Rinke, USDA-ARS; Chris Wente, USDA-ARS
10:45 AM