243 Symposium--Cropping System Adaptations for Resilience to Climate Change

Oral Session
C03 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality
Genetic changes are one component of a much broader crop management strategy to cope with climate change. Some crop management system improvements have already achieved resiliency gains to climate change in key grain producing regions, while others show promise. For example, selecting appropriate crop genetics in concert with modifying planting dates and plant spacing can enhance resiliency to drought and heat stresses. More nimble management planning (e.g., a “response farming” approach that takes into account varying in-season weather patterns) can result in greater crop productivity with higher nutrient and water use efficiency. This symposium intends to explore crop genotype and management combinations that reflect superior systems approaches to gain further resiliency to climate change in national and international grain crop programs.

Approved for 3.0 CM CEUs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 12:55 PM-4:20 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 H

Tony J. Vyn and Philip J. Bauer
Tony J. Vyn
12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Can a Cropping System with Only Corn and Soybean be Sustainable?.
Emerson D. Nafziger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Joseph G. Lauer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1:25 PM
A Retrospective and Prospective View of Climate Resiliency of US Maize Yield from 1984 to 2050.
Saratha V. Kumudini, The Climate Corporation; Matthijs Tollenaar, The Climate Corporation; Jon Fridgen, Advanced Agrilytics; Priyanka Tyagi, North Carolina Stage University; William Leeds, The Climate Corporation; Joshua Elliott, University of Chicago; Patricio La Rosa, Monsanto Co
2:25 PM
Australian Cropping Systems in a ‘Climate of Change'.
Michael P. Bange, CSIRO - Agriculture Flagship
2:55 PM
3:05 PM
Improving Soybean Yields in Elevated [CO2] and Elevated [O3].
Elizabeth Ainsworth, USDA ARS; Kristen Bishop, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Christopher Montes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Alvaro Sanz, University of Basque Country
3:30 PM
Impact of Trends in Planting Date and Phenology on Central USA Corn Productivity.
Christopher Kucharik, University of Wisconsin-Madison; William Sacks, National Center for Atmospheric Research
3:55 PM
Response Farming and Dry Soil Planting to Counter Climate Variability in Africa.
Feyera Merga Liben, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Charles S. Wortmann, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
4:20 PM