346 Soil Health in Agroecosystems/Rangelands Poster

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Soil Biology and Biochemistry
Tuesday, November 8, 2016: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Exhibit Hall CDE

Jennifer Moore-Kucera
Jennifer Moore-Kucera
Poster #346-207
Fertility Amendments Alter Soil Health and Affect Susceptibility to Rhizoctonia Solani in Intensively Managed High Tunnel Production Systems.
Lori A. Hoagland, Purdue University; Liliana Gomez, National University of Columbia; Jyothi Thimmapuram, Purdue University; Sagar Sutturka, Purdue University; Sulbha Choudhari, Purdue University
Poster #346-209
Maintaining Soil Health after Remediated Agroecostems Are Returned to Traditional Cropping Systems.
Veronica Acosta-Martinez, USDA-ARS; Jonathan Cotton, USDA-ARS
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  • Poster #346-210
    Soil Particulate Organic Matter Dynamics after Conservation Reserve Program Land Is Converted to Cropland.
    Francisco J. Calderon, USDA-ARS; Lisa M. Fultz, LSU Agricultural Center - Baton Rouge; Veronica Acosta-Martinez, USDA-ARS; Jennifer Kucera, USDA-NRCS; Chenhui Li, Texas Tech University
    Poster #346-211
    Effects of Land Use Change on the Organic Carbon Fractions in an Arid Soil.
    Brittany Trimble, University of Nevada - Reno; Paul Verburg, University of Nevada - Reno
    Poster #346-212
    Effects of Laundry Detergent Residues on Some Biochemical Properties of the Farming Soil and Seeds Germination Rates.
    Serdar Bilen, Ataturk University; Kenan Barik, Ataturk University, Faculty of Agriculture
    Poster #346-213
    Long Term Impact of Tillage and Crop Rotation on Soil Microbial Diversity and Soil Health.
    Shankar Ganapathi Shanmugam, Mississippi State University; Normie Buehring, Mississippi State University; Wayne Ebelhar, Mississippi State University; Michael Cox, Mississippi State University; James Larry Oldham, Mississippi State University; William Kingery, Mississippi State University
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #346-214
    Assessing Soil Microbial Biomass and Communities As an Indicator of Soil Health in Wheat Systems Under Different Nitrogen and Tillage Practices.
    Nisha Srinivas, University of Oklahoma; Jesse I. DuPont, USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory; Nidhish Lokesh, University of Texas-Austin; Brian K. Northup, USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory; Prasanna H. Gowda, USDA-ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory; Anil Somenahally, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension
    Poster #346-215
    Effects of Prescribed Burn and Sample Storage Conditions on Microbial Community Structure in Missouri Prairie Soils.
    Kristen Sloan Veum, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit; Todd Lorenz, University of Missouri; Robert J. Kremer, University of Missouri
    Poster #346-216
    Poster #346-217
    Soil Biological Indicators of Soil Health for a National Soil Health Assessment.
    Jennifer Moore-Kucera, USDA-NRCS; Veronica Acosta-Martinez, USDA-ARS; Daniel K. Manter, USDA-ARS; David D. Myrold, Oregon State University; Kristen S. Veum, USDA-ARS; Michael Lehman, USDA-ARS; Diane E. Stott, USDA-NRCS; Charles W. Rice, Kansas State University; Jude Maul, USDA-ARS; Richard P. Dick, Ohio State University; Alan J. Franzluebbers, USDA-ARS; Bianca Moebius-Clune, USDA-NRCS; Brandon Smith, USDA-NRCS
    Poster #346-218
    Can Soil Organic Matter Quantity and Quality Predict Potential Nitrogen Mineralization?.
    William R. Osterholz, Iowa State University; Oshri Rinot, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; Abraham Shaviv, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; Matt Liebman, Iowa State University; Michael J Castellano, Iowa State University