100 Symposium--"Hot" Tools and Technologies from Public- and Private-sector Agronomy Programs

Oral Session
ASA Section: Education and Extension
The goal of this session is to provide attendees with an introduction to some of the "hottest" trends and technologies emerging from public- and private-sector agronomy programs.  Technologies that will be showcased will highlight cutting-edge science with the potential to lead to commercial products or clear commercial use.  Special emphasis will be placed on tools and technologies developed via public-private collaboration.

Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration Community

Monday, November 7, 2016: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 127 B

Christopher Boomsma
Christopher Boomsma
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
The Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator.
Paul R. Carter, DuPont Pioneer; Gaurav Bhalla, DuPont Pioneer; Ryan Schon, DuPont Pioneer; Mark Hinds, DuPont Pioneer; Bill Curran, DuPont Pioneer; Mark Jeschke, DuPont Pioneer; Richard Azinger, DuPont Pioneer; Brooks Coetzee, DuPont Pioneer
1:45 PM
Expected Products from the Monsanto Company.
Brian L. Olson, Monsanto Company - USA; Andrew W. Knepp, Monsanto Company - USA; Lisa Granadino, Monsanto Company
1:55 PM
The NYU-Monsanto Maize Stalk Lodging Project.
Daniel J. Robertson, New York University Abu Dhabi; Margaret Julias, New York University Abu Dhabi; Douglas Cook, New York University
2:00 PM
Research Technologies in Agronomy.
Rodney Madsen, LI-COR Biosciences, Inc.
2:05 PM
Arm Tablet Data Collector Enhancements.
Steven Gylling, Gylling Data Management
2:10 PM
Climate Fieldview 2017.
Ravi P. Sripada, Monsanto Company - USA
2:15 PM
New Products from Holland Scientific.
Kyle H. Holland, Holland Scientific
2:20 PM
The New Quantum Plot Combine.
Sam Maddox, Wintersteiger, Inc.
2:25 PM
Calculating Intra-Row Plant Spacing Metrics from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery.
Christopher Boomsma, Purdue University; Javier Ribera, Purdue University; Yuhao Chen, Purdue University; Fangning He, Purdue University; Addie Thompson, Purdue University; Ayman Habib, Purdue University; Edward Delp, Purdue University; Michael Leasure, Purdue University; Melba Crawford, Purdue University; Mitch Tuinstra, Purdue University
2:30 PM
2:55 PM
Concluding Remarks
3:00 PM