110 Symposium--Extreme Temperature and Drought Effects on ET and Crop Water Stress: Data, Concepts, and Modeling

Oral Session
ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling

State-of-the-art agricultural system models integrated field-experimental studies opens up a vast arena for enhancing site-specific soil-water-nutrient management across soils and climates, and evaluating cropping system sustainability over the long-term beyond the experiments. However, application of system models to assist in field experiment research also calls for a systems approach in field research and data collection for collecting data representing all the essential physical, chemical, and biological processes in the system. Collection of weather data that adequately represent the cropping system under investigation is also an essential prerequisite for such good model applications but seldom seen in model application studies. The objective of this seminar is to bring together people interested in such good data collection and integrating with system models for novel applications for management, and present their experience, with special reference to 'Extreme Temperature and Drought Effects on ET and Crop Water Stress.'

Approved for 2.0 SW CEUs


Model Applications in Field Research Community

Global Climate Change Community

Monday, November 7, 2016: 1:30 PM-3:50 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 232 A

Gary Feng , George Paul and Saseendran Anapalli
George Paul , Saseendran Anapalli and Laj Ahuja
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
Exploring the Impact of Climate Variability Estimates on Crop Models Predictions in CC Impact Assessment Studies.
Marcello Donatelli, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics; Fabrizio Ginaldi, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics; Gianni Fila, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics; Davide Fumagalli, Joint Research Centre, European Commission; Antonio Zucchini, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
2:15 PM
Effects of Abiotic Stress on Physiological Plasticity and Water Use of Setaria viridis.
nir sade, University of California, Davis; Prasenjit Saha, University of California Davis,; Ahmad Arzani, Isfahan University of Technology; María del Mar Rubio Wilhelmi, University of California Davis,; Kevin Coe, University of California Davis,; Bosheng Li, University of California Davis,; Eduardo Blumwald, University of California Davis,
2:50 PM
Yield Formation of Winter Wheat Influenced By CO2 Concentration, Warming and Heat Stress Events: Measurements and Simulation.
Adam Luig, Christian-Albrechts-University; Remy Manderscheid, Thünen-Institute; Martin Erbs, Justus Liebig University; Arne M Ratjen, Christian-Albrechts-University; Hans-Joachim Weigel, Thünen-Institute; Henning Kage, University of Kiel
3:05 PM
Developing a Site-Specific Soil Water Deficit Index Based on Alabama Mesonet.
Xinhua Xiao, Alabama A&M University; Xianyan Kuang, Alabama A&M University; Dedrick D. Davis, Alabama A&M University; Monday Mbila, Alabama A&M University
3:35 PM
Modeling Agricultural Tile Drainage Water Outflow Under Cool Climate Conditions.
Lordwin Jeyakumar, St. John's Research and Development Centre; Lakshman Galagedara, Memorial University-Grenfell Campus; David Mckenzie, St. John's Research and Development Centre; Gary Bishop, St. John's Research and Development Centre
3:50 PM