453 Agronomic Production Systems, General Poster

Poster Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems
Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Exhibit Hall CDE

Wade E. Thomason
Poster #453-1100
Use of Late-Season Herbicides on Canola Yield and Seed Quality.
Josh Lofton, Oklahoma State University; Angela Post, North Carolina State University; Victor R Bodnar, Oklahoma State University; Josh Bushong, Oklahoma State University
Poster #453-1101
Response of Transplanted Tomatoes to Pre-Plant Herbicides.
Jorge A Angeles, California State University-Fresno; Anil Shrestha, California State University-Fresno; Kurt Hembree, University of California Cooperative Extension; Dave Goorahoo, California State University-Fresno
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  • Poster #453-1102
    Utilizing Fall Applied Herbicides in Cover Crops for Italian Ryegrass Control.
    Garret B. Montgomery, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Larry Steckel, The University of Tennessee; Julie Reeves, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
    Poster #453-1103
    Environmental Effects on Junglerice (Echninochloa colona L.) Susceptibility to Postemergence Herbicides.
    Anil Shrestha, California State University-Fresno; Ryan Cox, California State University; Mala To, California State University
    Poster #453-1104
    The Impact of Organic Crop Rotations and Ecological Weed Management Strategies on Soil Quality.
    Salvador Ramirez II, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; John L. Lindquist, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Rhae A. Drijber, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Virginia L. Jin, USDA-ARS; Elizabeth Sue Jeske, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Humberto Blanco, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Poster #453-1105
    Yield Analysis of Corn Hybrids Attributed By 1980-2010 Climate in Kansas.
    Shuang Sun, Kansas State University; Xiaomao Lin, Kansas State University; Ignacio A. Ciampitti, Kansas State University; Gretchen F. Sassenrath, Kansas State University; Qing Ye, Jiangxi Agricultural University
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  • Poster #453-1106
    Application of a New Sdhi Containing Fungicide in Management of Stem Rust in Perennial Ryegrass Seed Crops.
    Nicole P. Anderson, Oregon State University; Thomas G. Chastain, Oregon State University; Carol J. Garbacik, Oregon State University
    Poster #453-1107
    Exploring Varietal Response of Soft White Winter Wheat to Nitrogen and Seeding Rates in Northern Idaho.
    Cole Senefsky, University of Idaho; Kurtis L. Schroeder, University of Idaho
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  • Poster #453-1108
    Effect of Zinc Seed Priming on Fertilizer Depot Exploitation in Oil Seed Rape.
    Javed Iqbal, University of Hohenheim; Asim Mahmood, University of Hohenheim; Günter Neumann, University of Hohenheim
    Poster #453-1109
    Poster #453-1110
    Tailoring Nitrogen Recommendations: Varietal Response in Hard Red Winter Wheat to Nitrogen Fertilizer Application Timing.
    Kurtis L. Schroeder, University of Idaho; Juliet M. Marshall, University of Idaho
    Poster #453-1111
    Impact of Starter Fertilizers on Optimum Rate and Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Grain Sorghum.
    Sadie Church, Texas A&M University; Ronnie W. Schnell, Texas Agrilife Research; Jake E. Mowrer, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Tony L. Provin, Texas Agrilife Extension Service
    Poster #453-1112
    Effect of Sulfur and Molasses Added to Phosphate Rock on Solubility and Phytoavailability of Phosphorus on Young Orange Tree.
    Letuzia Maria de Oliveira, University of Florida; Rao S. Mylavarapu, University of Florida; Gregory David Means, University of Florida; Fernando Rodrigo Bortolozo, University of Florida
    Poster #453-1113
    Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Effects on Wheat Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency.
    Xi Liang, University of Idaho; Juliet M. Marshall, University of Idaho; Arash Rashed, University of Idaho; Christopher W. Rogers, University of Idaho
    Poster #453-1114
    The Effect of a Nanoparticle Technology on Nutrition and Establishment of Switchgrass.
    Curtis Adams, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Santanu Bikram Thapa, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    Poster #453-1115
    Potato Nitrogen Fertility and the Potential for Groundwater Contamination.
    Brian H. Marsh, University of California Cooperative Extension
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  • Poster #453-1200
    Replacement of Inefficient arabica Coffee Plantations By Macadamia Nut Orchards.
    Marcos José Perdoná, APTA; Rogério Peres Soratto, College of Agricultural Sciences, São Paulo State University – UNESP
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  • Poster #453-1201
    Expanding the Seeding Window of Winter Wheat in Western Canada.
    Yvonne E. Lawley, University of Manitoba
    Poster #453-1202
    Germination Rates of Spring Canola and Spring Wheat Cultivars in Response to High Temperature.
    Kacie Wynne, Texas A&M University; Clark B. Neely, Texas Agrilife Extension Service; Daniel L. Hathcoat, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
    Poster #453-1203
    Effect of Seed Treatment with Novel Strains of Trichoderma Spp. on Establishment and Yield of Spring Wheat.
    Allen Xue, Ottawa Research and Development Centre; Wei Guo, Heilong jian Bayi Agricultural University
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  • Poster #453-1204
    Nitrogen Nutrition Index and Leaf:Stem Ratio of Maize Crops in Early and Late Sowings.
    Nicolas Maltese, INTA - National Inst. of Agricultural Technology - Argentina; Ricardo José Miguel Melchiori, INTA - National Inst. of Agricultural Technology - Argentina; Juan Matias Ferreyra, Monsanto Argentina; Mariana Robles, Monsanto Argentina; Gustavo Angel Maddonni, University of Buenos Aires; Octavio Pedro Caviglia, INTA - National Inst. of Agricultural Technology - Argentina
    Poster #453-1205
    Performance of Soil Applied Insecticide in Corn Production Since 2005.
    Brett McArtor, Iowa Soybean Association
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