454 Agricultural Remote Sensing Poster

Poster Session
ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling
Remote sensing provides information for crop nutrient, irrigation, weed,

and pest management at different scales from ground level to regional views. New satellites

and unmanned aircraft are providing new capabilities for data collection. Contributions to this

session present the latest research on extracting geospatial information from data for crop



Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing Community

Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Exhibit Hall CDE

John J. Sulik and Ana Wagner
Ana Wagner
Poster #454-804
2D Orthomosaic and 3D Modeling Applications in Winter Wheat High-Throughput Phenotyping.
Huan Wang, Kansas State University; Andrew Newsum, Kansas State University; Antonio Asebedo, Kansas State University; Vara Prasad, Kansas State University
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  • Poster #454-805
    The Impact of Weather and Flying Modalities on Uav Estimations of Agronomic Characteristics of Wheat.
    Joseph Oakes, Virginia Tech Tidewater Agricultural Research & Extension Center; Maria Balota, Virginia Tech; Kyle Brasier, Virginia Tech; Carl A. Griffey, Virginia Tech; Robert Pitman, Virginia Tech; Wade E. Thomason, Virginia Tech
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  • Poster #454-806
    Can Peanut Agronomic Characteristics be Estimated from an Uav Platform?.
    Maria Balota, Virginia Tech; Joseph Oakes, Virginia Tech Tidewater Agricultural Research & Extension Center
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  • Poster #454-807
    Estimation of Gross Primary Production of Sorghum Using Landsat Imagery and Eddy Covariance Data.
    Sanaz Shafian, Texas A&M University Agronomy Society; Nithya Rajan, Texas A&M University; sumit sharma, texas A&M University
    Poster #454-808
    Poster #454-809
    Early Season Corn Stand Quantification Using UAS and Computer Vision.
    Sebastian Varela, Kansas State University; Ignacio A. Ciampitti, Kansas State University
    Poster #454-810
    Using a Fixed Wing Uav Remote Sensing System for Monitoring Sorghum Growth and Development.
    Nithya Rajan, Texas A&M University; Sanaz Shafian, Texas A&M University Agronomy Society; Ronnie W. Schnell, Texas Agrilife Research; John Valasek, Texas A&M University; Muthu Bagavathiannan, Texas A&M University College Station; Dorothy Menefee, Texas A&M University College Station; Pramod Pokhrel, Texas A&M University; Jeff Olsenholler, texas A&M University; Yeyin Shi, Texas A&M University
    Poster #454-811
    Application of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Canola Yield Prediction Using Yellowness Index.
    Ti Zhang, University of Saskatchewan; Hema Sudhakar Duddu, University of Saskatchewan; Menglu Wang, University of Saskatchewan; Steve Shirtliffe, University of Saskatchewan
    Poster #454-812
    Developing Remote Sensing Tools to Identify Flooding Stress Risk in Avocado Trees.
    James Dautel, Florida International University; Krishnaswamy N. Jayachandran, Florida International University
    Poster #454-813
    Monitoring Leaf Area Index after Heading Stage Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data in Rice.
    Jiaoyang He, Nanjing Agricultural University; Yongchao Tian, Nanjing Agricultural University
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