154 Soil Education and Outreach: II

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Soil Education and Outreach
This is a general poster session for papers on soil education and outreach.
Monday, November 16, 2015: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC

Raymond R. Weil
Poster #1300
Enrollment Trends in American Soil Science Programs Since 2007.
Eric C. Brevik, Dickinson State University; Sergio Manacpo Abit Jr., Oklahoma State University; David J. Brown, Washington State University; Holly A.S. Dolliver, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; David G. Hopkins, North Dakota State University; David L. Lindbo, USDA-NRCS; Andrew Manu, Iowa State University; Monday Mbila, Alabama A&M University; Sanjai J. Parikh, University of California-Davis; Darrell G. Schulze, Purdue University; Joey N. Shaw, Auburn University; Raymond Weil, University of Maryland; David C. Weindorf, Texas Tech University
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  • Poster #1301
    Poster #1302
    Promoting Soil Science at West Virginia University and Beyond As Part of the International Year of Soils.
    James A. Thompson, West Virginia University; Adrienne Nottingham, West Virginia University; Emily Wells, West Virginia University Plant & Soil Science Club
    Poster #1303
    Using Science Fairs to Enhance Soil and Water Science Communication in Rural South African Elementary Schools.
    Danielle M. Andrews, Pennsylvania State University; Neil E. Brown, The Pennsylvania State University
    Poster #1304
    Do Digital and 3-D Printed Specimens Increase Conceptualization of Soil Structure?.
    Daniel Hirmas, University of Kansas; Anna Johnson, University of Kansas; James Miller, University of Kansas; Terry Slocum, University of Kansas; Stephen T. Hasiotis, University of Kansas; Alan F. Halfen, University of Kansas; William Johnson, University of Kansas
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  • Poster #1305
    Interactive Virtual Sorption Lab to Help Teach Soil Science.
    April L. Ulery, New Mexico State University; Kenneth Carroll, New Mexico State University; Barbara Chamberlin, New Mexico State University; Adam Dettmer, New Mexico State University
    Poster #1306
    Salinity Management, Cover Crops and Tile Drainage: Research and Demonstration Site in Grand Forks County, North Dakota.
    Michael Knudson, North Dakota State University; Abbey Foster Wick, North Dakota State University; Thomas M. DeSutter, North Dakota State University; Chandra Heglund, North Dakota State University
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1307
    Adaptation of Soil Judging to Venezuela.
    Amanda Arroyo, Clemson University; Elena Mikhailova, Clemson University; Christopher Post, Clemson University
    Poster #1308
    Illinois on Ipad: Teaching Soil Science Via Isee - Integrating Spatial Educational Experiences.
    Robert G. Darmody, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Jennifer Fraterrigo, University of Illinois; Darrell G. Schulze, Purdue University; Ron Collman, USDA NRCS
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    Poster #1310
    Student Interest is the Strongest Determinant of Success in Introductory College Courses Related to Environmental Science.
    Emily J. Fuger, ASA, CSSA, and SSSA; Nicholas J. Balster, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Poster #1311
    Best Research Experience for Undergraduates: Year 1.
    Joshua L. Heitman, North Carolina State University; Owen W. Duckworth, North Carolina State University
    Poster #1312
    Soil Science & Conservation Workshop for Teachers.
    Heidi M. Dittmer, Iowa State University; Thomas Paulsen, Iowa State University; Richard M. Cruse, Iowa State University