Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

35 Ph.D. Oral Competition I

Oral Session
Sponsored by Koch Agronomic Services

SSSA Division: Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
Fertility, Row crop and Soil Analysis

SSSA Division: Nutrient Management and Soil and Plant Analysis

Monday, October 23, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:35 AM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Grand Ballroom D

James Camberato and Rao S. Mylavarapu
Charles A. Shapiro
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Dry Bean Cultivars Inoculated with Rhizobia.
Debankur Sanyal, North Dakota State University; Robert J. Goos, North Dakota State University; Juan M. Osorno, North Dakota State University; Amitava Chatterjee, North Dakota State University
8:20 AM
Why the Different Responses between Single and Split Nitrogen Applications?.
Jason Clark, University of Minnesota; Fabian G. Fernandez, University of Minnesota; James Camberato, Purdue University; Paul R. Carter, DuPont Pioneer; Richard B. Ferguson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; David W. Franzen, North Dakota State University; Newell R Kitchen, USDA-ARS; Carrie A.M. Laboski, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Emerson D. Nafziger, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University; John Shanahan, Fortigen (Tetrad Corp.)
8:35 AM
Evaluation of Soil Mineral Nitrogen Content in Different Irrigation Systems during Potato Crop Development.
Andre Biscaia, University of Florida; Lincoln Zotarelli, University of Florida; Michael Dukes, University of Florida; Senthold Asseng, University of Florida; Shinsuke Agehara, University of Florida; Edzard van Santen, University of Florida
8:50 AM
Soil Macro- and Micro-Nutrient Pools' Role in Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency Responses of Maize Hybrids to N in Africa.
Heather Pasley, Purdue University; Jill Cairns, CIMMYT; Mike Olsen, CIMMYT-Kenya; Eileen J. Kladivko, Purdue University; James Camberato, Purdue University; Tony J. Vyn, Purdue University
9:05 AM
Nitrogen Availability and Corn Production in Minnesota Following Cover Crops.
Sabrina Badger, University of Minnesota; Daniel E. Kaiser, University of Minnesota; M. Scott Wells, University of Minnesota
9:20 AM
9:35 AM
Synchronizing Soil Nitrogen Supply to Vegetable Nitrogen Uptake By Available Carbon in Greenhouse Cultivation System.
Yanfang Tian, China Agricultural University; Guitong Li, China Agriculture University; Lin Qimei, China Agriculture University; Zhao Xiaorong, China Agriculture University
9:50 AM
10:05 AM
Variable Rate Nitrogen and Reduced Irrigation for Potato Production in Minnesota.
Brian J. Bohman, University of Minnesota; Carl J. Rosen, University of Minnesota; David Mulla, University of Minnesota
10:20 AM
Yield Response of Winter Canola to Poultry Litter Fertilization.
Yaru Lin, Auburn University; Dexter B. Watts, USDA-ARS; H. Allen Torbert, USDA-ARS
10:35 AM
Nitrogen Contributions from Late-Summer Planted Cover Crops to Winter Wheat in a Conservation Tillage Cropping System.
Arun D Jani, University of Florida; Michael J. Mulvaney, University of Florida West Florida Research & Education Center; John Erickson, University of Florida; Ramon G Leon, North Carolina State University; C Wesley Wood, University of Florida West Florida Research & Education Center; Diane L. Rowland, University of Florida
10:50 AM
Comparison of Statistical Approaches to Determine Nitrogen Needs of Winter Cereals.
Sarah E Lyons, Cornell University; Zhehan Tang, Cornell University; James Booth, Cornell University; Quirine M. Ketterings, Cornell University
11:05 AM
Soybean Nitrogen Fixation : The Nitrogen Budget.
Silvia Carolina Córdova, Iowa State University; Ranae Dietzel, Iowa State University; Mark A. Licht, Iowa State University; Sotiris V. Archontoulis, Iowa State University; Michael J. Castellano, Iowa State University
11:20 AM
Corn Yield and NUE with Nitrogen Application at Early Vegetative and Reproductive Stage.
Andrew Stammer, Kansas State University; Dorivar A. Ruiz Diaz, Kansas State University
11:35 AM