410 S11 General Soils & Environmental Quality: Chemistry and Fate of Nutrients and Organics in Soil

Poster Session
S11 Soils & Environmental Quality poster session
Wednesday, October 24, 2012: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Poster #2516
Managing Phosphorus Runoff From Around Poultry Production Facilities.
Sheri Herron, University of Arkansas; Andrew Sharpley, University of Arkansas; Michael Daniels, University of Arkansas; Susan Watkins, University of Arkansas; David miller, University of Arkansas
Poster #2517
Spatial Distribution of Phosphorus in the Kissimmee River Floodplain Soils and Sediments.
Vimala D. Nair, University of Florida; Todd Z. Osborne, University of Florida; Larry Ellis, University of Florida; Bradley Jones, South Florida Water Management District; Willie G. Harris, University of Florida
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  • Poster #2518
    Soil Quality in Rhode Island Pastures Grazed by Different Types of Livestock.
    Alissa H. Becker, University of Rhode Island; Jose Amador, University of Rhode Island
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  • Poster #2519
    Effects of Swine Effluent On Leaching of Ammonium and Nitrate in Soil.
    Alisson L. Costa, Federal University of Lavras; Jose Lima, Federal University of Lavras; Manoel M. Resende Neto, Federal University of Lavras; Marcele G. Cannata, Federal University of Lavras; Samara A. Carvalho, Federal University of Lavras
    Poster #2520
    Soluble Reactive Phosphorus in Sandy Soils with Commercial Vegetable Production.
    Runbin Duan, University of Florida; George Hochmuth, University of Florida; Wendy Graham, University of Florida; Donald Graetz, University of Florida
    Poster #2521
    A Preliminary Campus Nitrogen Mass Balance -Evaluation of Sustainability At the University of Florida.
    Jiexuan Luo, University of Florida; George Hochmuth, University of Florida
    Poster #2522
    Distribution of Micronutrients At Various Depths in a Central Missouri Corn and Soybean Field.
    Ashley Myers, Lincoln University; Nsalambi Nkongolo, Lincoln University of Missouri
    Poster #2523
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    Poster #2525
    Change in Nutrient Speciation in the Antarctic Soil by Increasing Temperature.
    Minseok Park, Korea university; Jiwon Han, Korea university; Minhee Kim, Korea university; Jaejoon Jung, Korea university; Woojun Park, Korea university; Seunghun Hyun, Korea university
    Poster #2526
    Mixing Alum and Gypsum with Egg Layers Manure to Reduce Phosphorus Loss with Surface Runoff.
    Mazhar Haq, Iowa State University; Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State University; Louis B. Thompson, Iowa State University
    Poster #2527
    Humid Region Salt Accumulation in Soils At Penn State's Living Filter.
    Tyson Robb, Pennsylvania State University; Danielle Andrews, Pennsylvania State University; Herschel Elliott, The Pennsylvania State University; John Watson, Pennsylvania State University
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  • Poster #2528
    Mobilization of Phosphorus From River Sediments.
    Kiran Upreti, University of Delaware; Deb P. Jaisi, University of Delaware
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  • Poster #2529
    Soil Carbon Pools Associated with Rural Land Uses in Kentucky, USA.
    Iin P. Handayani, Murray State University; Brian Jarvis, Murray State University
    Poster #2530
    Transformation of Phosphorus in Agricultural Soils.
    Sunendra R. Joshi, University of Delaware; Deb P. Jaisi, University of Delaware
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