417 Disturbance As a Driver of Soil and Ecosystem Change (includes student competition)

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Pedology
Disturbance of soils and ecosystems occurs through human and natural actions such as tillage, fire, grazing and drought.  The type, timing, intensity and frequency of disturbance interact with ecosystems to drive change.  The changes observed in soil and vegetation depends on the initial status of the system and the resistance and resilience of the system to change.  This symposium will focus on the effects of disturbance drivers on ecosystem attributes, including dynamic soil properties, and the interactions between disturbance, ecosystems and soil change.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014: 10:15 AM-11:35 AM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 202A

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Skye A. Wills
Skye A. Wills
10:15 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:20 AM
10:35 AM
Withdrawn Paper
10:50 AM
Earthworms in Forest Soils.
Ryan Melnichuk, University of Vermont
11:05 AM
Disturbance Effects on Soil Carbonates and Implications for Soil Carbon Emissions.
Stephanie Grand, Michigan State University; David Rothstein, Michigan State University
11:20 AM
Digital Soil Mapping of Soil Properties As a Tool for Developing and Testing Ecological Site Concepts.
Colby Brungard, Utah State University; Michael Duniway, United States Geological Society; Barry Baker, The Nature Conservancy; Jamin Johanson, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service
11:35 AM