122 Poster Session: Golf Course Management, Establishment, Fertility, Cultural Practices

Poster Session
C05 Turfgrass Science
Contributed posters in the broad categories of turfgrass cultural practices and weed control.

C05 Turfgrass Science

Monday, November 3, 2014: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall ABC

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Douglas E. Karcher
Poster #656
Plant Growth Regulator Effects on Drought Tolerance of Bermudagrass Fairways.
Nicolas Brouwer, University of Arkansas; Douglas E. Karcher, University of Arkansas; John McCalla, University of Arkansas; Michael D. Richardson, University of Arkansas
Poster #657
Cultural Management Practice Appraisal for Least Disruptive Thatch Control in Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Golf Greens.
Phillip L. Vines, Mississippi State University; Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Mississippi State University; Barry R. Stewart, Mississippi State University; Jan Dubien, Mississippi State University
Poster Presentation
  • Poster #658
    Fertilizer Burn Potential and Color Response for 'tifway 419' Bermudagrass Fairway As Affected By N Source and Rate.
    Winston Mirmow, Clemson University; Frank Gibson Bethea Jr., Clemson University; Mohan Li, Clemson University; Haibo Liu, Clemson University
    Poster #659
    Poster #700
    Poster #701
    Evaluation of Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) Responses to a Tryptophan-Containing Byproduct (Poster Version).
    Isaac Mertz, Iowa State University; Nick E. Christians, Iowa State University; Erik Ervin, Virginia Tech; Xunzhong Zhang, Virginia Tech
    Poster Presentation
  • Mertz Poster Presentation ASA 2014.pdf (1.9 MB)
  • Poster #702
    Use of Medium-Fine Sands for Topdressing Velvet Bentgrass and Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens.
    Ruying Wang, Rutgers University; James W. Hempfling, Rutgers University; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers University; Bruce B. Clarke, Rutgers University; James A. Murphy, Rutgers University
    Poster #703
    Evaluating the Salinity Tolerance of Bermudagrass Cultivars for Production and Reclamation Purposes.
    Mingying Xiang, Oklahoma State University Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Dept.; Justin Quetone Moss, Oklahoma State University; Dennis L. Martin, Oklahoma State University; Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University; Bruce L. Dunn, Oklahoma State University
    Poster Presentation
  • New ASA Poster Mingying_Mossedits.pdf (1.4 MB)
  • Poster #704
    Effect of Creeping Bentgrass Seeding Rates and Traffic on Establishment of Putting Greens during Renovation.
    Thomas Okada Green, Michigan State University; John N. Rogers III, Michigan State University; Eric C Chestnut, Michigan State University
    Poster Presentation
  • v8 poster board 2014.pdf (1.5 MB)
  • Poster #705
    Nitrogen Fertility, Mowing Height, and Topdressing Effects on Anthracnose and Playability of Annual Bluegrass.
    James W. Hempfling, Rutgers University; Bruce B. Clarke, Rutgers University; James A. Murphy, Rutgers University
    Poster #706
    Do Wetting Agents Applied Via Irrigation Have Potential for Maintaining Turf Quality Under Reduced Irrigation?.
    Joseph Schneider, University of Missouri; Enzhan Song, University of Missouri; Xi Xiong, University of Missouri
    Poster #707
    Characterization of Hydrophobicity of Various Soil-Less Potting Mixtures.
    Joseph Schneider, University of Missouri; Stephen H. Anderson, University of Missouri; Keith W. Goyne, University of Missouri; Xi Xiong, University of Missouri
    Poster #708
    Creeping Bentgrass Nitrogen and Brown Patch Interactions.
    Beth Black, Brigham Young University; Bryan G. Hopkins, Brigham Young University; Bradley Geary, Brigham Young University
    Poster #709
    Poster #710
    Seasonal N Losses from St. Augustinegrass Lawn Turf: Fertility and Irrigation Interactions.
    Charles Henry Fontanier, Texas A&M University; Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson, Texas A&M University; Benjamin Wherley, Texas A&M University; James C. Thomas, Texas A&M University; Richard H. White, Texas A&M University
    Poster #711
    The Effect of Fertilization and Turfgrass Species on the Rhizosphere Microbial Community Structure.
    Clemon J. Dabney III, University of Minnesota; Christopher Staley, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Michael Jay Sadowsky, University of Minnesota
    Poster #712
    Seeding Date Effects Dormant Seeding Success of Buffalograss.
    Luqi Li, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Zachary J. Reicher, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Poster Presentation
  • Luqi Li CSSA Poster.pdf (1.2 MB)
  • Poster #713
    Use of Compost and Microclover to Reduce Nutrient and Sediment Runoff from Home Lawns.
    Xiayun Xiao, University of Maryland; Gary K. Felton, University of Maryland; Thomas Turner, University of Maryland; Mark J. Carroll, University of Maryland
    Poster Presentation
  • Nov poster xiayun xiao.pdf (576.9 kB)
  • Poster #714
    Turf Performance Under a Linear Gradient Irrigation System in North Florida.
    Jing Zhang, University of Florida; J. Bryan Unruh, University of Florida; Kevin E. Kenworthy, University of Florida; Brian M. Schwartz, University of Georgia - Tifton
    Poster #715
    Impacts of Traffic and Moisture-Deficit on Performance of Overseeded and Colorant-Treated Bermudagrass Athletic Turf.
    Daniel Hargey, Texas A&M University Agronomy Society; Benjamin Wherley, Texas A&M University; W Casey Reynolds, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension; Richard H. White, Texas A&M University; Lloyd R. Nelson, Texas Agrilife Research
    Poster #716
    Changes in Soil Physical Properties Utilizing an Air Injection System on Two Bermudagrass Athletic Fields.
    Kyley H. Dickson, University of Tennessee; John C. Sorochan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; John Stier, University of Tennessee; James T Brosnan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Adam Thoms, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
    Poster #717
    Evaluation of Seeding/Sprigging, Nitrogen, and Traffic Rates on Late Established Hybrid Bermudagrass in the Transition Zone.
    Gregg C. Munshaw, University of Kentucky; Paul Woosley, Western Kentucky University
    Poster #718
    Nitrogen Effects on Creeping Bentgrass Drought Tolerance.
    Miyuan Xiao, University of Guelph; Eric Lyons, University of Guelph
    Poster #719
    The Effects of Fertilizer Sources on the Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Creeping Bentgrass Greens and Kentucky Bluegrass Roughs.
    Kristina S. Walker, University of Minnesota; Katy W. Nannenga, University of Minnesota Crookston
    Poster Presentation
  • Walker and Nannenga poster_final copy.pdf (2.0 MB)
  • Poster #720
    Response of Seeded and Vegetative Buffalograss [Buchloe Dactyloides (Nutt.)] Cultivars to Nitrogen Fertilization and Simulated Traffic.
    Marco Schiavon, University of California-Riverside; James H. Baird, University of California-Riverside; Jacob Adam Gray, University of California-Riverside
    Poster #721
    Influence of Nitrogen Forms of Fertilizer on Tall Fescue Salinity Tolerance.
    Yang Gao, North Dakota State University; Deying Li, North Dakota State University
    Poster #722
    Evaluation of Foliar N Regime and Reduced Aeration on 'tifeagle' and 'champion' Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Greens in the Transition Zone.
    Frank Gibson Bethea Jr., Clemson University; Mohan Li, Clemson University; Nicholas Alexander Menchyk, Clemson University; Haibo Liu, Clemson University
    Poster #723
    Reducing Mowing and Fertilizing with Polymer Coated Urea in Kentucky Bluegrass.
    Jessica Buss, Brigham Young University; Curtis Ransom, University of Missouri; Lloyd Sutton, Brigham Young University; Bryan G. Hopkins, Brigham Young University
    Poster #724
    Poster #725
    Nitrate Leaching from Irrigation with Tailored Water during Turfgrass Establishment.
    Elena Sevostianova, New Mexico State University; Bernd Leinauer, New Mexico State University; Polly Lentz, Seattle University; Shavonne Kathleen Stanek, Oberlin College
    Poster #734
    Turf-Type Tall Fescue Fairways Reponse to Nitrogen and a Plant Growth Regulator.
    Gabriel Macke, Purdue University; Cale A. Bigelow, Purdue University
    Poster #735
    Field Evaluations of Zinc for Annual Bluegrass Control in Hybrid Bermudagrass.
    Elizabeth A. Guertal, Auburn University; J. Scott McElroy, Auburn University
    Poster #736
    Analysis of Silicon Transporters in Turfgrass Species.
    Wonkeun Park, Clemson University; Hong Luo, Clemson University; B. Todd Campbell, USDA-ARS; Bruce Martin, Clemson University
    Poster #737
    Organic Land Care Practices in Maintaining Sustainability of Athletic Field Turf.
    William M. Dest, University of Connecticut; Jeffrey S. Ebdon, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    Poster #738
    Can Growth Potential Models be Used for Planning Turf Fertilization in Florida?.
    J. Bryan Unruh, University of Florida; Travis Shaddox, University of Florida
    Poster Presentation
  • ASA_2014_Unruh_Poster_10312014.pdf (2.2 MB)
  • Poster #739
    Fifteen Years of Nitrogen Leaching from Turf.
    Kevin W. Frank, Michigan State University; Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University; Jeffrey Bryan, Michigan State University; James R Crum, Michigan State University