103 Symposium--International Year of Soils: Soil Biology and Biochemistry Research Across the Globe: I

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Biology & Biochemistry
In celebration of the International Year of Soils, this symposium will highlight global research efforts that address soil biological and biochemical interactions with edaphic factors, climate, and cropping systems to identify solutions for global food security and healthy soils. Additionally, policies, views and challenges for sustaining agriculture while maintaining soil biodiversity and quality across the planet will be addressed.

Global Agronomy
Soils & Environmental Quality

Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Community

Monday, November 16, 2015: 1:00 PM-4:30 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 FG

Veronica Acosta-Martinez
Veronica Acosta-Martinez and Jennifer Moore-Kucera
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:30 PM
Updates on the European Soil Biodiversity Project Ecofinders.
Joerg Roembke, ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH, Floersheim, GERMANY; Bryan Griffiths, SRUC; Philippe Lemanceau, INRA
2:20 PM
Recent Advance in Understanding the Role of Edaphic Factors in Regulating Soil N Cycling in New Zealand: Policy Drivers and Practical Solutions.
Michael H. Beare, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research; Timothy Clough, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research
2:50 PM
3:20 PM
Combining Soil Rhizosphere Microbiology and Hydrology with African Culture and Agriculture: 15 Years Research Characterizing Native Shrub-Intercrop Systems in Senegal.
Richard Dick, The Ohio State University; Ibrahima Dhidhiou, University of Thies; Ekwe Dossa, International Fertilizer Development Center; Fred Kizito, International Center for Tropical Agriculture; Spencer Debenport, The Ohio State University; Matthew Brighrt, The Ohio State University; Nathaniel Alexander Bogie, UC Merced; Chelsea DeLay, The Ohio State University Research Foundation; Lydie Lardy, Institute of Research for Development; Komi Assigbetse, Institut de recherche pour le développement; Yacine Ndour, Institute of Research for Development; Modou Sene, Institut Senegalais de Recherches Agricole; Amianta Bdadiane, African Resources Group; Brian Mcspadden-Gardener, The Ohio State University; Teamrat Ghezzehei, University of California-Merced
3:40 PM
Lessons for Managing Soil Fertility from Long-Term Trials at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Western Kenya.
Rolf Sommer, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT; Job Kihara, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT; John Mukalama, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT; Birthe Paul, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT; Saidou Koala, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT
4:20 PM
Concluding Remarks
4:30 PM