225 Symposium--Decision Agriculture: Integrating Precision Tools, Data Science, and Agronomic Knowledge for Improved Decisions

Oral Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems
Sponsored by The Climate Corporation, John Deere and DuPont Pioneer

Data collected from grower fields and farms via various precision Ag technologies along with use of data analytics and decision aids offers considerable potential for improving real-time agronomic decisions and grower profit, as well as addressing issues of input scarcity and nutrient excesses in waterways.  This symposium brings together scientists involved in developing new precision tools and decision aids with trusted crop advisors possessing local agronomic knowledge who have successfully utilized these tools to generate field specific and real-time recommendations for increasing grower profitability.

Approved for 2.0 CM CEUs


Precision Agriculture Systems Community

Agroclimatology and Agronomic Modeling Community
Global Digital Soil Map Community
Model Applications in Field Research Community
Nutrient Management Professionals Community

Tuesday, November 8, 2016: 9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 126C

John Shanahan and Antonio Asebedo
Antonio Ray Asebedo
9:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
9:55 AM
Data Sharing in the Ag Community - What Are Current Challenges, Benefits, and Opportunities.
Newell R Kitchen, USDA-ARS; Thomas F. Morris, University of Connecticut; Nicolas Tremblay, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Peter M. Kyveryga, Iowa Soybean Association
10:35 AM
Measurements That Matter for Decision Agriculture.
D. Brenton Myers, DuPont Pioneer
10:55 AM
The Role of Trusted Advisor in Providing Local Agronomic Knowledge for Improved Decisions.
Richard B. Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Orvin E. Bontrager, Servi-Tech, Inc.
11:15 AM
11:30 AM