Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Session Soil-Geomorphic Relations of Florida: 20 Million Years of Marine Influence
Organizers: Allan Roy Bacon and Maxine J. Levin

Session Tour of MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center
Organizers: April B. Leytem , Matt A. Yost and Jean L. Steiner

Session South Florida Grazinglands Tour
Organizer: Joao M.B. Vendramini

Session ECHO - Global Farm for Fighting World Hunger
Organizer: Sjoerd Willem Duiker

Session Germplasm Foray to Fort De Soto
Organizer: David M. Brenner

Session Mosaic Phosphate Mine
Organizers: Maxine J. Levin and Joseph N. Schuster