28 Global Agronomy: I

Oral Session
ASA Section: Global Agronomy
Global Agronomy general oral session.
Sunday, November 2, 2014: 2:00 PM-5:30 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 203A

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Community Leader:
Sarah E. Johnson Beebout
Charles S. Wortmann
2:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
2:05 PM
A Review of Investing Three Years of Agricultural Education, Seed Capital, and Local Staffing in a Haitian Mountain Community.
Jason D Streubel, Convoy of Hope/Evangel University/Washington State University; Harold P. Collins, USDA-ARS; Brittni Woods, Convoy of Hope; Chad Kruger, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University
2:20 PM
Towards Achieving Agricultural Development in Africa: The Case of AGRA’s Capacity Building in Soil Sciences and Agronomy.
Marie Rarieya-Midamba, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA); Bashir A. Jama, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)
2:35 PM
The Pain of Change: Challenges Associated with Mechanizing Rice Production and Harvesting Systems in the Mwea Irrigation Scheme within the Kirinyaga District, Central Province, Kenya.
Jill M. Motschenbacher, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) / Catholic Relief Services (CRS) / Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program
2:50 PM
Effect of Agronomic Management Practices on the Grain Yield of Lowland Rice (Oryza sativa) in Rainforest Agro-Ecology of Nigeria.
Akeem Abdulai Oyekanmi, Federal University of Agriculture; Olalekan Suleiman Sakariyawo, Federal University of Agriculture; Sunday Gbenga Aderibigbe, Federal University of Agriculture; Kehinde Adebayo Okeleye, Federal University of Agriculture; Christopher Okonji, Federal University
3:05 PM
Maize Hand Planter and Fertilizer Applicator for the Developing World.
William R. Raun, Oklahoma State University; Randy Taylor, Oklahoma State University; Nyle C. Wollenhaupt, AGCO; Bruno Morandin Figueiredo, Oklahoma State University; Lawrence Aula, Oklahoma State University
3:20 PM
3:35 PM
Integrated Assessment of Impacts of Projected Climate Change on Maize Production in the Southern Africa.
Wiltrud Durand, Agricultural Research Council; Yacob Beletse, Agricultural Research Council-Roodeplaat; David Cammarano, James Hutton Institute; Olivier Crespo, University of Cape Town; C. Nhemachena, Human Sciences Research Council; Sue Walker, University of Free State; Weldemichael Tesfuhuney, University of the Free State; M. Teweldemdhin, Polytechnic of Namibia; M. Gamedze, Swaziland Meteorological Services; P. Gwimbi, Lesotho National University; T. Mpuisang, Botswana College of Agriculture; P. Bonolo, Polytechnic of Namibia; J. Jonas, Human Sciences Research Council
3:50 PM
Analysis of Infrastructure Challenges in Latin American Agriculture.
Rogerio Carlos Traballi, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Amanda Gaspar Monteiro Traballi, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Alexandre Cavalcante De Queiroz, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Juliana Duarte Leandro, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Carlos Roberto Ramos Da Silva, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Regina Marques Leite, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Claudio Ditticio, Universidade Paulista - UNIP; Ricardo Calasans, Universidade Paulista - UNIP
4:05 PM
Minerals and Proximate Profiling of Bioenergy Feedstock Miscanthus Giganteus Cultivated Under Three Different Environmental Conditions in Mississippi.
Ananda Nanjundaswamy, Alcorn State University; Franklin Chukwuma, Alcorn State University; Victor Njiti, Alcorn State University; Lance Carroll, Alcorn State University; Chunquang Zhang, Alcorn State University
4:20 PM
Effects of Legume Leaf Utilization on Overall Grain and Leaf Production.
Rosemary Bulyaba, Iowa State University; Andrew W. Lenssen, Iowa State University
4:50 PM
How Can Crop Science Enhance Food Security through the Diversification of Global Food Supplies?.
Colin K. Khoury, CIAT- Intl Center for Tropical Agriculture; Hannes Dempewolf, Global Crop Diversity Trust; Luigi Guarino, Global Crop Diversity Trust; G. Craig Yencho, North Carolina State University; Michael Benjamin Kantar, University of Minnesota; Roseline Remans, Columbia University; Jessica Fanzo, Columbia University; Stefania Grando, CGIAR (Consultative Group on Intl Agricultural Research); Anne Bjorkman, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research; Julian Ramirez Villegas, CIAT- Intl Center for Tropical Agriculture; Nora P. Castañeda-Álvarez, CIAT- Intl Center for Tropical Agriculture; Andy Jarvis, CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS); Loren Rieseberg, University of British Columbia; Paul C. Struik, Wageningen University & Research Centre
5:05 PM
Water Use and Grain Yield in Drought-Tolerant Maize in the Texas High Plains.
Baozhen Hao, Texas A&M Agrilife Research; Qingwu Xue, Texas Agrilife Research-Amarillo; Kirk E Jessup, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Thomas H Marek, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Wenwei Xu, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Ed Bynum, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Brent W. Bean, Nextsteppe Seeds
5:20 PM
5:30 PM