471 Soil Physics and Hydrology Poster II

Poster Session
SSSA Division: Soil Physics and Hydrology
This is a general poster session for the Soil Physics and Hydrology Division.
Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Exhibit Hall CDE

Scott B. Jones
Thorsten Knappenberger and Robert Heinse
Poster #471-100
Evaluating the Impact of Groundwater on Cotton Growth and Root Zone Water Balance Using Hydrus Model.
Chengyi Zhao, Chinese Academy of Sciences; changyan Tian, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography,CAS; wenjiang Liu Sr., Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geogrphy,CAS; Chunmei Zhu Sr., Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography
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  • Poster #471-101
    Combining Remote Sensing and in-Situ Data to Estimate Soil Moisture Across Mixed Land Cover Types.
    Briana M. Wyatt, Oklahoma State University; Tyson E. Ochsner, Oklahoma State University; Chris B. Zou, Oklahoma State University
    Poster #471-102
    The Impact of Water Vapor Diodes on Soil Water Redistribution.
    Zhuangji Wang, Iowa State University; Mark Ankeny, N/A; Robert Horton, Iowa State University
    Poster #471-103
    Poster #471-104
    Predicting Soil Hydraulic Properties of Sandy Soils Using Neural Networks.
    Yann Periard, Laval University; Silvio José Gumiere, Laval University; Jonathan A Lafond, Laval University; Alain Rousseau, Institut national de la recherche scientifique : Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement; Jean Caron, Laval University
    Poster #471-105
    Modeling of Soil Temperature and Water Content at Selected Almnet Sites.
    Dedrick D. Davis, Alabama A&M University; Xinhua Xiao, Alabama A&M University
    Poster #471-106
    Experimental Evidence for Drought Induced Alternative Stable States of Soil Moisture.
    David A. Robinson, NERC-Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Sabine Reinsch, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Bangor; Scott B. Jones, Utah State University; Inma Robinson, NERC-Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Bridget A. Emmett, NERC-Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Miles Marshall, NERC-Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; Andrew R. Smith, Bangor University; Maria T. Domínguez, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Sevilla; David L. Jones, Bangor University
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  • Poster #471-107
    Comparing Equations Fitted to Water Retention Data from a Manured, Non-Manured, and Eroded Silt Loam.
    Gary A. Lehrsch, USDA-ARS Northwest Irrigation & Soils Research Lab; Brad A. King, USDA-ARS
    Poster #471-108
    A Simple Method for Estimating Cation Exchange Capacity from Water Vapor Sorption.
    Emmanuel Arthur, Aarhus University; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
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  • Poster #471-109
    The Effect of Topography and Rye Cover Crop on Soil Nitrate Dynamics in a Corn-Soybean Rotation.
    Jessica E Fry, Michigan State University; Andrey K. Guber, Michigan State University; Alexandra Kravchenko, Michigan State University; Kusay Wheib, Michigan State University
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  • Poster #471-110
    Irrigation Water Salinity Effects Germination, Emergence and Growth of Halophytes.
    Omer Ozturk, New Mexico State University; Manoj K. Shukla, New Mexico State University; Blair Stringam, New Mexico State University; Charlotte Gard, New Mexico State University
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  • Poster #471-111
    Assessment of Soil Strength Using Cone Penetrometer.
    Stanford J. Borrell, Stetson University; Joshua L. Heitman, North Carolina State University; Aziz Amoozegar, North Carolina State University; Adam M. Howard, North Carolina State University
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  • Poster #471-112
    Comparison of Three Equipment for Assessment of Soil Compaction.
    Carlos Manoel Pedro Vaz, EMBRAPA - Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria; Júlio Cesar Franchini dos Santos, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporartion - Embrapa; Henrique Debiasi, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa; Júnio Martins de Resende, Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária - Embrapa; Thiago Nascimento, Embrapa Instrumentation
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  • Poster #471-113
    Improved Surface Area Estimation Based on Surface Curvedness.
    Ramaprasad Kulkarni, University of Arizona; Jeffrey J. Rodriguez, University of Arizona; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
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  • Poster #471-114
    A Matric-Flux Potential Expression to Predict Limiting Hydraulic Conditions for Root Water Uptake.
    Quirijn de Jong van Lier, University of Sao Paulo; Everton Alves Rodrigues Pinheiro, CENA/USP
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  • Poster #471-115
    Water Use and Yield Responses of Chile Pepper Cultivars Irrigated with Brackish Water and RO Concentrate.
    Manoj K. Shukla, New Mexico State University; Gurjinder S Baath, New Mexico State University
    Poster #471-116
    Fixing Radio-Cesium(Cs-137) in Soil with Vermiculite in Fukushim.
    Yuki Takagi, Meiji University; Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University; Yasushi Mori, Okayama University
    Poster #471-117
    Representative Elementary Volume for Pore System Geometry Parameters Determined from 3D X-Ray Images.
    Livia Previatello da Silva, University of Sao Paulo; Quirijn de Jong van Lier, University of Sao Paulo; Hans-Joerg Vogel, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ; John Maximilian Kohne, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ
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  • Poster REV_CSA meeting 2016.pdf (300.2 kB)
  • Poster #471-118
    Synthesis of Sphere Packings for Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms.
    Ramaprasad Kulkarni, University of Arizona; Marcel G. Schaap, University of Arizona; Jeffrey J. Rodriguez, University of Arizona; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
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  • Poster #471-119
    The Effect of Continuous Application of Organic Materials and Flooded Sand Inflow on the Cs Concentration in Rice after Stripping the Cs Contaminated-Top Soil Off at Iitate Village in Fukushima Prefecture.
    Junko Nishiwaki, Ibaraki University; Masakazu Komatsuzaki, Ibaraki University; Masaru Mizoguchi, University of Tokyo; Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University
    Poster #471-120
    Oxisol and Ultisol CO2 Emission after Soil Tillage of Sugarcane Area in Brazil.
    Carolina Fernandes, Sao Paulo State University; Luma Castro de Souza, Sao Paulo State University; Mara Regina Moitinho, Sao Paulo State University; Newton La Scala Jr, Sao Paulo State University; Jose E. Cora, Sao Paulo State University
    Poster #471-121
    The Relationships Between Soil Cracks and Behaviors of Soil Gas and Soil Water in Paddy Field Soil.
    Toshihiro Doi, Meiji university Graduate School of Agriculture; Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University
    Poster #471-122
    Moisture Loss Resistivity Against Evaporation (water retention capacity) of Natural Soil Amended with Raw and Apatite Synthesized Fly Ash.
    Shenglei Lin, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Mengzhu Song, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Hidetoshi Kuramochi, National Institute for Environmental Studies; Fumitake Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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  • Poster #471-123
    Corroboration of Evapotranspiration and Infiltration Determined from Meteorological Time Series and Field Observations at the Rifle Site, CO, USA.
    Boris Faybishenko, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Tetsu K. Tokunaga, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; John Christensen, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Philip Long, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Haruko Wainwright, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    Poster #471-124
    The Ecohydrological Role of Soil Surface Sealing in Dry Environments.
    Shai Sela, Cornell University-Crop & Soil Sciences; Li Chen, Desert Research Institute; Tal Svoray, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Shmuel Assouline, Agricultural Research Organization of Israel
    Poster #471-125
    Soil Water Flow Around an Artificial Macro-Pore with the Shaft Tillage Cultivation.
    Ieyasu Tokumoto, Saga University; Haruyuki Fujimaki, Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University; Keita Maruyama, Saga University
    Poster #471-126
    The Spatial Variation and Impact Factors of Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Shalehills(CZO).
    Jianbin Lai, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Henry Lin, Pennsylvania State University
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  • Poster #471-127
    Analysis of the Impact of Effective Hydraulic Properties on the Modelling of Heterogeneous Water Flow.
    Matthew Patterson, Rutgers University; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers University; Ruth Kerry, Brigham Young University; Lee Slater, Rutgers University
    Poster #471-128
    Predicting Tile Drainage Discharge.
    Bo V. Iversen, Aarhus University; Charlotte Kjærgaard, Aarhus University; Rasmus Jes Petersen, Aarhus University; Steen Christensen, Aarhus University; Keld R. Rasmussen, Aarhus University
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #471-129
    Effects of Hydrophobicity on Soil Water Vapor Sorption.
    Jingjing Chen, Virginia Tech; Ryan Stewart, Virginia Tech
    Poster Presentation
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